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Brain Injury Compensation in St. Louis

Compensation and Liability for Brain Injuries

When a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is suffered during an accident caused by another party’s negligence, recklessness, or oversight, victims have the right to pursue compensation in Missouri. Through compensation from the at-fault party and insurance companies, a victim may be able to have the resources to recover from his or her injuries without financial consequences. However, proving the effects of brain injury and successfully holding the at-fault party responsible are easier said than done in many cases.

Thankfully, the St. Louis TBI accident lawyers have the skills and experience needed during a brain injury case. Without proper help, an innocent victim will often be left to cope with injuries while suffering both physically and financially. Understanding liability and compensation in these cases is an important first step in any TBI accident lawsuit.

Proving Liability for a Brain Injury Accident

All personal injury lawsuits revolve around proving two matters: that a party was responsible for the injuries and that the compensation being pursued is appropriate for the losses suffered. In proving a party liable for an accident, it must be shown that his or her, or an organization’s, actions were the direct cause of an accident that led to injuries. Eye witness testimony, police records, medical exams, photos, video, expert testimony, and other evidence are used during this process, illustrating the accident that caused the injuries and irrefutably tying the at-fault party to the accident.

For example, if a brain injury is suffered during a crash with a drunk driver, eye witness testimony will describe the event, police records will prove the driver was intoxicated, medical exams will show that the brain injury was suffered during the crash, photos and video will show the aftermath or even the event itself, and expert testimony will illustrate how a brain injury is suffered and the dangers of drunk driving. When these elements are successfully brought together, even the best defense cannot argue the circumstances of an accident.

Compensation for Brain Injury Losses

Brain injury rehabilitation can be a lengthy and expensive process for victims and the effects of serious injuries may never fully heal, resulting in a permanently altered state of living for a victim. Personal injury compensation will pay for past and future medical procedures, any loss of employment, emotional suffering, and needed rehabilitation. Without proper compensation, a victim may be in serious debt and not be able to afford needed rehabilitation.

However, compensation isn’t simply handed over to a victim; a victim must prove that he or she suffered specific injuries and then outline the complication of these injuries, the treatment needed for such losses, and the cost of such treatment and other losses. The use of expert testimony and medical care records for any procedures taken in relation to a TBI will prove the past costs incurred and the projected future needs of a victim. Just like liability, a defendant will attempt to disprove the legitimacy of such claims, but a well-built and successful case will prove the reality of these costs and find the compensation needed to deal with such losses.

Effective Legal Representation Geared Towards Results

The effects of a brain injury can be both devastating and very obvious, but those responsible for causing such injuries will frequently resist paying fair compensation to those they injure. If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, Page Law will work to prove responsible parties at fault for the losses suffered and find proper compensation to assist with injuries. For more information on how we can help you in your search for compensation, call us today at (314) 322-8515.

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