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Tendon Rupture

The tendon is the part of the muscle that connects it to the bone; when it ruptures and becomes detached, the muscle is no longer able to carry out its’ function. This type of injury occurs because of forceful flexion of a muscle or sudden deceleration with the most common cause being a sports-related injury or a frontal car crash.

In the setting of an auto accident, the most common tendons injured are the quadriceps tendon and the patellar (kneecap) tendon – it occurs because of the sudden deceleration and collision with the dashboard combined with the sudden forceful contraction of the quadriceps muscle in response. With sports-related injuries, the common tendons injured include the peroneal tendon (located in the foot) and the Achilles tendon. Other less commonly injured tendons include the biceps tendon and the supraspinatus tendon (located in the shoulder).

Symptoms of a Tendon Rupture

With any tendon rupture, a popping or snapping sensation will be felt followed by sudden onset of pain; weakness will be noted shortly after. A hump may be noticed from the contracted muscle and will be tender to the touch. Swelling develops over the first couple hours.

Treatment and Prognosis

Treatment of a tendon rupture is surgical repair followed by immobility in a cast while it heals. Physical therapy will be needed to regain strength and gradual return to normal activity and sports is recommended.

Individuals with this type of injury usually recover with physical therapy.

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