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Blunt Hollow Viscus Injury

A hollow viscus injury describes any injury to any portion of the digestive tract including the stomach, intestines, colon, and rectum. This type of injury will most commonly occur from a work related accident, falls from extreme heights or a car accident in Missouri.

Blunt force to the abdomen transmits force to the intestines causing shearing and tearing of the intestinal walls and mesentery (sheet of tissue that attaches the intestines to the posterior abdominal wall to prevent the intestines from twisting on one another); this can lead to the intestines twisting and cutting off its’ own blood supply. The intestinal wall is not very thick and can tear during a traumatic blunt force. The compressive forces can damage the mesentery, which houses all the blood vessels supplying the intestines, causing bleeding within the abdominal cavity.

Symptoms and Treatment

The typical symptoms experienced after blunt injury to a hollow viscus organ is abdominal pain and discomfort, abdominal bloating, nausea and vomiting, and inability to move without severe pain due to irritation of the abdominal cavity lining (also known as the peritoneum). Symptoms will have a quick onset and will persist, often proving resistant to many anti-nausea and pain medications.

Minor injury, such as minimal bleeding or bruising of the organs, can be observed closely by a doctor for a set period of time and if no complications develop, the person can be sent home. If imaging shows signs of intestinal rupture, perforation, or twisting and/or bleeding within the mesentery surgery will be necessary. If there has been a severe injury to a section of the digestive tract, whether that be stomach, intestines, or colon, it may be necessary to remove the injured section and reconnect the healthy, non-injured intestines. Additionally, signs of peritoneal (abdominal cavity lining) irritation may result in exploratory surgery of the abdomen because it suggests rupture or perforation of some part of the digestive tract.


Most cases of blunt hollow viscus injury have a complete recovery. If surgical intervention was necessary, it may take anywhere from a couple days to a week for bowel function to return and it could take a few weeks to develop regular bowel habits again.

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