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Personal injury refers to the area of law that seeks to protect victims who are harmed by the action or inaction of another person or entity. Personal injury is also sometimes referred to as tort law. A personal injury claim can be filed for injury incurred by an individual either physically or mentally, and it can sometimes include damage to property.

In certain situations, such as in medical negligence or wrongful death cases, a person may bring a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a loved one. Missouri personal injury lawyers seek to win compensation for their clients.

Personal Injury Liability and Damages

There are two elements in every personal injury case: liability and damages. The first element involves demonstrating that the person or entity being charged did in fact bear legal responsibility for the injury. Damages refers to the extent or amount of injury or loss that was allegedly suffered on account of the defendant’s actions or negligence.

Personal Injury Claims

Liability and damages can be established on several bases.

  • Negligence – When a case is filed as tort of negligence, the defendant is accused of causing the injury by failing to prevent it. An example would be an accusation that a business allowed a slip and fall injury to occur, by not properly following safety regulations. A reckless or inattentive driver who is at fault in an injury car accident may also be guilty of negligence.
  • Strict Liability – Under strict liability, a personal injury attorney may also bring charges against a company whose defective product is responsible for an injury. Strict liability applies whether negligence or malice was involved or not, as long as the product was being used as was intended.
  • Intentional Wrong – Intentional wrongs can sometimes be brought as civil, personal injury claims apart from any criminal charges the defendant may be facing.

An attorney experienced in personal injury litigation, or an attorney who specializes in a specific area of personal injury law (such as an auto accident lawyer or a defective product attorney) may advise victims concerning the most appropriate grounds for filing their individual claims. Feel free to ask any questions you may have at www.pagelaw.com.

Types of Personal Injury Cases in Missouri

Although it is not all-inclusive, the following list offers examples of the types of cases that may be considered personal injury claims.

  • Slip and fall injury – when someone injures themselves while on another person’s property, the owner of the property can be held liable for their injuries – also known as premises liability.
  • Nursing home abuse – also known as nursing home neglect, nursing home abuse occurs when a resident of a nursing home is subject to physical abuse, mental abuse, or abandonment.
  • Car accident – auto accidents, as well as truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and tractor trailer accidents can result in serious personal injury to those involved in the collision.
  • Defective product injury – defective products, including drug and medical devices can cause serious personal injury to patients.
  • Exposure to toxic material – toxic materials used in the workplace, or those that leach into the environment through groundwater contamination and other methods, are often the cause of personal injury claims.
  • Medical malpractice – medical negligence, hospital malpractice, and doctor mistakes are often the subject of personal injury claims.
  • Wrongful death – when someone is killed as a result of another’s negligent actions, the family of the deceased often has grounds for a wrongful death claim.
  • Drug injury – defective drugs and those with serious side effects that are the subject of a drug recall can cause serious personal injuries.
  • Job injury – construction accidents, industrial accidents, and other on-the-job accidents often result in personal injuries.
  • Dog bite – owners of dogs that injure another person can often be held liable for any personal injury the victim may sustain.

What You Need to Know About Missouri Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury claim can be an unexpectedly distressing part of an already painful experience following a Missouri auto accident. Few victims anticipate having to struggle to receive what they are owed. A personal injury claim ought to compensate you to the point where you are made whole, just as you were before the accident. Many of the intangible challenges a victim endures cannot be measured in dollars. Still, you deserve to receive a fair amount for all of the suffering that you are going through, and will go through, as a result of your accident.

Personal injury claim amounts vary based on material and abstract factors.

One way to account for the discrepancies in personal injury claim amounts is to examine the expectations of a victim. An insurance company is a business, and will never go out of their way to give you more than what you might expect to receive. Looking at personal injury claim averages may give you an idea of what other people have settled for, but they cannot tell you the maximum amount you may be entitled to. Even two victims of the same accident, with similar injuries, will frequently receive different personal injury claim amounts. Apart from the circumstances of every accident being distinct, every victim suffers from an auto accident differently. Personal injury claim averages fail to reflect this.

Above all else, a personal injury claim is personal, tailored to redress the unique challenges that face you as a victim.

A personal injury claim calculator is a tool used by some insurance professionals to give organization to the process of working out a final agreement. This tool is more complicated than it seems, however, and like any instrument of a profession, it performs most effectively in the hands of an expert. While there may be many materials available to victims looking to negotiate with an insurance company on their own, the most valuable resource available is an experienced legal professional dedicated to fighting for you.

While anyone can arrive at a number using a personal injury claim calculator, only an experienced injury lawyer will know how to use that figure, along with an arsenal of other tools, to bring you the just compensation you deserve.

Don’t trust this critical time in your life to anyone but a skilled and accomplished attorney. It takes a wealth of experience to know how to negotiate with insurance companies in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Insurance companies are chillingly adept at exploiting any weakness they sense. They will take advantage of you, and leave you undercompensated, unless you have a seasoned professional fighting for you.

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