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It is a story we see play out on the nightly news all too often. A local nursing home facility or care center has been shut down or sued due to accusations of abuse. More often than not, the reports are horrific, with elderly individuals severely beaten or physically abused by staff members, fellow residents committing terrible acts of sexual abuse, and rampant theft by nursing home staff.

One of the most prevalent forms of abuse that rarely makes the headlines is neglect. Because neglect is a state of being or condition, it can remain hidden for years. Often, neglect issues are hidden until a vigilant family member or friend notices a pattern of abandonment.

If you have a family member who you believe is currently suffering from an ongoing pattern of neglectful treatment, it is critical that you get the help you need before it is too late. Contact Page Law today and let us review your options in a free case consultation. Elder abuse, especially the sort found in elder care facilities, can quickly spiral out of control and lead to potentially fatal conditions. More often than not, loved ones who are being neglected often suffer from one or more of the following conditions:

  • Extensive and untreated bedsores
  • Caregivers failing to respond to calls or requests
  • Unsanitary conditions and poor personal hygiene
  • Food being be left out overnight or throughout the day
  • Disorganized living arrangements, dirty and generally unsafe

If you recognize any of the above signs, we highly recommend contacting our firm as soon as possible. Our St. Louis injury attorneys will help you protect the rights of you and your family. We will fight to bring the at-fault party to justice and provide you with the proper compensation to help your family recover.

To schedule an appointment, contact us at (314) 322-8515 or 1(800) 227-2727. You may also submit your information online and one of our injury attorneys will be in touch shortly.

Profit Over Compassion

Unfortunately, in many cases of neglect, it comes down to cost. Despite the epic amounts of money poured into these institutions every month from people just like you, as well as additional outside funding, the powers-that-be seem more concerned with lining their pockets than providing adequate care. When it comes down to additional shifts or extra nursing teams, they often choose to skimp on quality care. As a result, your loved one as well as countless others, are left with minimal care, attention and resources. At Page Law, we find this unacceptable and reprehensible.

Take The Next Steps in Missouri

Before you spend another day agonizing over your loved one’s condition, contact Page Law and let us review your legal options. There are many ways to solve this problem and we can help you make an informed decision – for your sake and the sake of your family. Call us at (314) 322-8515.

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