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Because of the emotional consequences, divorce isn’t a decision that most people take lightly. But there are legal consequences to think about as well. Legally, a divorce (technically called a dissolution of marriage in Missouri) ends a marriage contract between spouses. That means even the simplest divorce will require some contact with the legal system; a more complex one involving significant physical and financial property, child custody or financial support will probably go before a judge. Divorce attorneys like Tonya D. Page are there to help you understand this process, advise you or your rights, represent your interests and get you the best outcome possible.

Missouri allows no-fault divorces, which means you don’t need to prove infidelity or mistreatment to end your marriage. However, Missouri divorce law also allows you to cite a fault; this could affect how child custody and other divorce-related matters are decided. Grounds for fault-based divorce in Missouri are:

  • Adultery.
  • Incompatibility or unreasonable behavior.
  • Abandonment for at least six months.
  • Living apart by mutual consent for at least one year.
  • Living apart for two years or more.

If your divorce and divorce-related matters like child custody are uncontested, you may be able to avoid appearing before a judge. You can simply file papers with the court, wait 30 days, and your divorce will probably be granted. However, most couples disagree at least a little on division of property, child custody and financial matters. If you need help settling these questions, you can choose either a court case or private mediation, in which you bypass the courts and try to work out issues with the help of an experienced neutral third party. Page Law can help you choose which of these options is best under your circumstances.

There are many divorce options:

  • Uncontested Divorce – This is the most common type of divorce. This is where both parties reach an agreement on all the issues of support, custody, etc.
  • Contested Divorce – This process is necessary when the parties cannot agree and is often a longer and more difficult process.
  • Collaborative Divorce – This is a newer divorce option, meant to reduce the emotional and financial hardships of the divorce process, for couples who are willing to negotiate and agree on terms without going to court.
  • Mediation – This is an alternative to going to court to settle your divorce problems. It is a cost effective way to settle out of court, with a mediator instead of a judge.

Thanks to long experience handling Missouri divorces, Tonya D. Page understands that her clients are going through a stressful time. She is committed to helping clients resolve family-law matters in the most favorable way possible, and with the compassion and respect that they deserve. And because divorce can be financially stressful as well, she offers confidential initial case evaluations for potential clients. Call Page Law today to discuss your divorce confidentially with a sympathetic, experienced legal professional.

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