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Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Prepare For A Divorce?

Before starting your divorce proceedings, gather as much of your financial information as possible and make copies. Include anything that affects your financial standing, including mortgage payments, investment and retirement statements, tax returns, credit reports and loan records. You should be prepared to disclose your entire financial position. … [ Read More ]

How Do I Begin The Adoption Process?

Attorneys or counselors facilitate independent adoptions by helping you find birth parents interested in placing their child up for adoption. As an adoptive parent, you’re often expected to provide financial support to the birth parents until adoption is finalized. … [ Read More ]

How Is Child Custody Placement Determined In Missouri?

During joint physical custody, each parent has significant time with the children – although not necessarily an equal amount of time. Joint legal custody allows both parents equal access to children’s information and all legal decisions concerning the children must be made together. … [ Read More ]

Should I Get A Divorce Modification In Missouri?

Whatever your reason, Missouri law allows you to petition a court to modify your arrangement concerning maintenance (alimony), child support, and/or child custody. As a result, you can possibly lower what you pay, increase what you receive or get your payments terminated. … [ Read More ]

How Do I Divide Our Property After A Divorce In Missouri?

Missouri is an “equitable distribution” state, meaning marital assets must get divided fairly (but not always equally). To decide how property is divided, the law takes into account each person’s financial resources (including any maintenance payments), how much each contributed to the marital assets, the needs of any children and their custodial parent, and the parties’ behavior during the marriage. … [ Read More ]

How is Child Support Calculated In Missouri?

Custody is only one factor the state of Missouri takes into account when calculating support payments. Other factors include both parents’ incomes, any large disparity between those incomes, who pays for essentials such as health care or day care, and any special needs or extraordinary expenses. … [ Read More ]

What Do I Need To Prepare For A Prenuptial Agreement?

You may think getting a prenuptial agreement means you’re entering a marriage with distrust. But the truth is, without a customized premarital contract, the state of Missouri dictates the terms of your marriage. … [ Read More ]

What Questions Should I Ask When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer?

Question #1: How much experience do you have handling divorces similar to mine? … [ Read More ]

What Are Common Misconceptions About Prenuptial Agreements?

Misconception #1: Prenuptial agreements are only for wealthy people. Misconception #2: Prenuptial agreements lead to more divorces. … [ Read More ]

What Critical Mistakes Should I Avoid When Dividing Up My Assets?

Mistake #1: Spending more fighting over a certain asset than the asset is worth. Mistake #2: Forgetting about IRS or other tax implications. … [ Read More ]

What Mistakes Should I Avoid When Preparing for a Custody Case?

Mistake #1: Making unnecessary negative comments about your spouse. Mistake #2: Threatening your spouse or anyone else involved in your custody hearing. … [ Read More ]

What Are Common Misconceptions About Child Support?

Misconception #1: Only fathers pay child support. Misconception #2: If you have joint physical custody, a judge won’t award child support. … [ Read More ]

What Are Common Misconceptions About the Adoption Process?

Misconception #1: Only wealthy families can afford adoption. Misconception #2: Adoption requires years of waiting for approval and finding a match. … [ Read More ]

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