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Be Extra Alert While Driving Near Zumbehl Road and I-70

Zumbehl Road and I-70 intersectionThe intersection at Zumbehl Road and Interstate 70 is situated in St. Charles, just across the Missouri River from St. Louis. Many consider St. Charles a suburb of St. Louis, but on its own St. Charles is the ninth-largest city in the state of Missouri. Four major thoroughfares run through the area, including I-70, and St. Charles is no stranger to dense traffic and the hazards that come with it, especially in areas like Zumbehl Road.

What Makes the Intersection Hazardous?

Zumbehl Road stays busy, although it is not a highway, as it is a main artery moving north and south through St. Charles. Where Zumbehl intersects with I-70 there are six on and off ramps flowing with traffic. Just north of the intersection is another crossroads where Zumbehl Road meets W. Clay Street. South of I-70 is where Zumbehl intersects with Veterans Memorial Parkway. You want to stay alert driving through that area, because it is essentially a triple intersection that includes an interstate exit. Despite the traffic lights that direct traffic, drivers still get confused about right-of-way, and right-of-way violations are one of the most common causes of intersection accidents.

Who is Responsible for an Intersection Accident?

Unfortunately, collisions happen regularly at the intersection of I-70 and Zumbehl Road. The driver of the vehicle that caused the accident can be held liable for damages. That liability must be proven to collect compensation. There is evidence that can be collected by a St. Louis car accident attorney, to  substantiate your claim and prove fault in your case. The types of supporting evidence include:

  • The police report of the accident
  • Video evidence from nearby traffic or surveillance cameras
  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Photos from the scene
  • Cell phone records
  • Vehicle computer data
  • Insurance app data that tracks drivers’ speed and driving history
  • Testimony from expert witness

This evidence can be difficult or impossible to compile on your own. A skilled and experienced car accident attorney will be able to use their professional resources to build a case to help you recover the settlement you deserve. Most car wreck claims are settled by negotiating a claim with an insurance company, but at Page Law we are willing to file suit and go all the way to court if that is what is necessary to take care of our clients’ needs.

Call Page Law

If you or someone you care about has been injured or worse in an intersection crash, like the one at Zumbehl Road and I-70, call a St. Louis car accident attorney you can trust to go the distance for you. At Page Law we go above and beyond to hold our clients’ hands throughout every step of the legal process. When we take on a case, we review your options and carve out a detailed plan of action to pursue justice and full compensation. We hate to see people get hurt, but we are here to help when a car crash happens. Page Law has a team of knowledgeable attorneys who can evaluate your case. Give us a call for a no obligation, free consultation, 1-800-CAR-CRASH (800-227-2727).

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