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Drivers: Beware The Intersection at Wentzville Parkway and I-70

Set amidst the peaceful suburb of Wentzville is one of the busiest intersections in St. Louis County. The intersection at Wentzville Parkway and I-70 is known to be a stressful and complicated part of many people’s commutes. It is also the site of multiple car accidents. Recently, two adults were critically injured, with an additional adult and two children sustaining minor injuries, in an accident that occurred along this stretch of road.

It is clear that this is a dangerous intersection, and drivers should beware of potential risks. If you find yourself in an accident, you must contact a St. Louis car accident attorney to help you navigate the oncoming legal process.

Why Is The Intersection Dangerous?

It is the layout of the intersection that makes it so dangerous. Wentzville Parkway carries a large amount of traffic through the city. It is a notoriously difficult road to navigate due to its two through lanes and six on and off ramps, as well as the traffic lights placed at different points along the road. Alongside all of this, I-70 is responsible for transferring a significant portion of the eastern and western traffic through Wentzville.

Both roads have extremely heavy traffic, which creates a very busy intersection with a high volume of cars. The intersection is used by a number of different types of commuters as well, and it is not limited to across-state travelers.

Many popular restaurants are nearby, such as Olive Garden and Waffle House, which increase the number of people using the intersection. On top of this, people who live in Wentzville often need to use the intersection to access their homes. This all increases the number of people using the intersection and thus the number of potential causes of a car accident.

Due to the complex nature of the intersection, there are many ways in which a driver could be liable for an accident. Although the traffic lights are meant to assist drivers in getting on or off I-70, the lights can actually do more harm than good.

Often, drivers are confused as to who has right of way with the traffic lights, which can cause them to slow or stall on the road, and potentially cause an accident if other drivers aren’t paying attention. The driver could be liable for stalling the traffic but they could also receive compensation if another driver was not paying enough attention to notice the hesitation.

Other Factors

Other factors that could cause a driver to be liable at this intersection include distracted driving, speeding (which is common on highways such as I-70), driving without a license, and ignoring the traffic lights along Wentzville Parkway. Stressful intersections also often create aggressive drivers, and if your aggressive driving was the cause of an accident, you could be held liable.

What Happens If You’ve Been In An Accident?

If an accident has occurred, an attorney can help you to determine who is liable and what kind of compensation may be available. If a crash were to occur at the Wentzville Parkway and I-70 intersection, a St. Louis car accident attorney would examine evidence such as dash cams, witness statements, and the damage to the vehicles, as well as work alongside law enforcement to get the most accurate picture of the crash.

Being the victim of a car accident is no joke and can have detrimental effects on your mental, physical and financial health. If you have been the victim of a car accident, call Page Law at (314) 322-8515.

Our experienced attorneys understand the high level of stress you may be feeling and will handle your case with care and compassion. They will also provide stellar legal advice that could assist you in getting the justice you deserve.

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