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Safely Driving at the W Pearce Blvd and Wentzville Pkwy

W Pearce Blvd and Wentzville Pkwy cross over to create an extremely dangerous intersection that can be potentially fatal. These two busy roads make it extremely hard to drive safely due to the high volume of cars. In 2021 the tragic death of a 79-year-old man in an RV accident along Wentzville Pkwy highlighted the dangers of driving in this busy area.

You can be the best driver in the world but at the end of the day, you do not have control over other drivers on the road. Because of this, you may find yourself in a car accident at a tricky intersection such as the one at W Pearce Blvd and Wentzville Pkwy. If this happens, you need to call Page Law for sound legal advice that can help you to receive the justice you deserve.

The Intersection Can Be Dangerous

That intersection can be extremely confusing due to the roads meeting in four directions. On top of this, just south of this intersection is the Wentzville Pkwy and I-70 intersection. Often drivers find it overwhelming to pass through two tricky intersections in a short space of time, and this can affect their driving.

Unfortunately, the Wentzville Pkwy and W Pearce Blvd intersection is located in an extremely busy area of the city. On all sides, it is surrounded by very popular restaurants and fast food establishments. These all have entry and exit points on the roads, making the area tightly packed with cars and very busy. The popularity of these restaurants also means that there is a consistent flow of traffic as people enjoy eating at those places for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wentzville Pkwy is an important road in the city and it creates a convenient route around town for locals. Out-of-town commuters also use the intersection as it is very close to I-70, which is often a part of their journey. This means that a wide range of people can be affected by an accident at this intersection.

How To Avoid Accidents at W Pearce Blvd and Wentzville Pkwy

You must practice safe driving at the intersection and you should be aware of the ways in which you could be liable for an accident there. Ignoring or not knowing the right of way rules can have dastardly results at an intersection, especially one as busy as the one at W Pearce Boulevard and Wentzville Pkwy. Failing to give way can often cause an accident and if you were the one who ignored the rules, you could be held liable.

Distracted driving can also cause accidents and render you liable, so it is imperative that you remain focused during your drive and ignore external factors such as phone alerts. Liability may also be determined by examining your blood alcohol levels, so make sure you never drive while intoxicated as this can be extremely dangerous at intersections such as this one and could cause fatalities.

How We Can Help

If you find yourself in an accident, you must call a lawyer as soon as possible. St. Louis answers to the Missouri state laws, which can be confusing and difficult to understand. At Page Law, our St. Louis car accident attorneys are experts in their field and can assist you in applying state law. They will collect evidence and facts and use them to determine liability and advise you on what kind of compensation you are entitled to. They can also assist you with your compensation claim, making it more likely that you are successful.

If you have been injured or are the victim of an intersection car accident in St. Louis,  call Page Law today at (314) 322-8515.

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