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Salisbury Street and I-70: How to Drive it Safely

Many people use I-70 every day to travel across St. Louis. Stretching from the St. Louis International Airport across to Old North St. Louis, and then splitting off into I-44 and I-55, many drivers find it an unavoidable part of their journey. However, the intersection of I-70 and Salisbury Street can be very dangerous and is the location of many vehicle accidents. Just last year, I-70 was closed around Salisbury St due to an accident that had occurred. 

Accidents are frequent in dangerous areas such as intersections, and if you find yourself injured in one, it is important you call an experienced attorney.

How To Drive Safely

In order to drive at this intersection safely, drivers need to prepare themselves for the driving conditions. The layout of the Salisbury Street and I-70 intersection is very unusual, so it is wise to familiarize yourself with it before your drive. The intersection has a difficult triangular shape that is a result of Salisbury Street crossing over I-70 and merging with McKinley St. It also intersects with N.9th and N.11th St, often tripping drivers up and leading to confusion on the road.

This intersection can be extremely busy at times due to the nature of the roads. I-70 provides a route across St. Louis that many locals and out-of-town travelers like to utilize to increase the efficiency of their journeys. That it leads to and from the airport also increases traffic at all times of the day. An elementary school is also nearby, putting the intersection squarely within the school buses’ daily route.

The number of commuters on the road can greatly increase the chance of an intersection crash. If a crash does occur, liability may be decided in multiple ways. The I-70–Salisbury Street intersection merges with North 9th Street and North 11th Street, and failure to merge correctly could cause a crash that you may be liable for. Additionally, failure to give way correctly and follow the street signs can also make you liable if a crash is caused at the intersection.

Knowing when to give way is extremely important at an intersection such as the one at Salisbury Street and I-70, as all the different lanes and cars can increase the chance of fatality if a crash were to occur. The presence of school buses at the intersection also means that drivers must be aware of the rules around stopping for a school bus. Failure to do so could potentially cause a devastating accident that harms many innocent children.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you are in an accident, you may not be the one liable. Crashes at intersections can often be very intense due to the high concentration of cars in the area, and you may find yourself with injuries. If this is the case, it is important that you call a lawyer to help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

If you were in a crash at Salisbury Street and I-70, a St. Louis car accident attorney is the one who can help you. An attorney will gather evidence such as witness statements as well as examine other clues such as dash cam and security footage from nearby stores. They will help you make a claim and greatly increase the likelihood of you gaining the compensation you deserve, whether that be medical bills, the cost of repairing your vehicle or even a cash payout.

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