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St. Louis Intersection Accidents at Salisbury St. and I-70

I-70 is one of the most trafficked interstates in St. Louis, crossing from the St. Louis International Airport all the way into Old North St. Louis where it splits off into I-44 and I-55. That heavy traffic naturally leads to catastrophic auto accidents, especially where I-70 transitions into other freeways. Hyde Park is one such location, and it is particularly treacherous at the crossroads of Salisbury Street and I-70. In a recent collision at this intersection, a motorcyclist was fatally injured in a collision with another driver, according to reports from the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP).

While the majority of auto accidents in St. Louis are the fault of negligent drivers, we must also take into account road design. The Salisbury St. and I-70 intersection utilizes a rather complex design. Salisbury St. is simply meant to cross over the I-70, but it also merges with McKinley St. and intersects with both N. 9th and N. 11th St. This creates a perilous triangular shape where drivers can easily collide at McKinley and Salisbury St., causing serious intersection accidents.

Drivers should always take great care to follow all traffic signs and local laws, no matter what road they are on. Sadly, statistics show that St. Louis drivers are not always careful. Over 15,000 auto accidents occurred throughout the city in a single recent year, resulting in over 4,100 injuries and 57 deaths, as reported by the MSHP. When analyzed over a three-year period, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) determined that 171 vehicle collisions in St. Louis were fatal, making up an estimated 6% of fatal collisions in Missouri.

Looking a little closer at these incidents, researchers discovered that the causes of these fatal collisions include:

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