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Richmond Heights Intersection Accidents at S. Hanley Road and I-64

Richmond Heights has a unique flair compared to the rest of St. Louis County. The old brick buildings combined with the rush of metropolitan life give the locals a little bit of everything. Sadly, that does include heavy traffic. The city is split in two by I-64, which brings in a great deal of traffic from the surrounding towns, especially from nearby St. Louis University. This can make any intersection with I-64 particularly dangerous, and nowhere is that truer than where the highway intersects with S. Hanley Road.

Where I-64 and S. Hanley Road intersect, there is a confusing jumble of ramps, through lanes, and even a second intersection between Eager Road and S. Hanley Road that begins just as the intersection with I-64 ends. In total, there are eight on- and off-ramps that cross with S. Hanley Road from I-64, and two more through lanes that bridge the gap between the split lanes on S. Hanley Road. These through lanes are controlled via traffic lights, meaning that in the middle of watching for oncoming traffic from multiple ramps, those on S. Hanley Road must also keep in mind who has the right-of-way, and whether someone is about to turn into their lane.

Needless to say, navigating this intersection safely is incredibly difficult. With so many points for traffic to flow from, those just trying to get across the road must pay attention to multiple lanes and on-ramps at once. Of course, once a driver gets across the first intersection, he or she will then have to contend with the second intersection with Eager Road. While not as complicated, it still involves multiple points of entry and exit.

In general, intersections require a great deal of concertation to navigate safely. If one driver looks down at a phone, or tries to fiddle with the radio, or allows his mind to wander, then catastrophe could ensue. Cross traffic means that any collision at this intersection is bound to be severe, and may involve multiple cars. Considering that distracted driving has been a leading cause of car collisions in Richmond Heights for the past several years according to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the intersection between I-64 and S. Hanley Road is an incredibly dangerous one.

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