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St. Louis Intersection Accidents at Hampton Ave and I-64

The I-64 is one of the most heavily trafficked interstates in St. Louis, cutting a path through the entirety of St. Louis County, downtown St. Louis, and even eastward into Illinois. Not only does this interstate support numerous local businesses and residents in St. Louis, but it also sees additional traffic from commuters heading downtown from the outskirts of St. Louis County. As a result of this, any exit along this interstate is bound to be the site of multiple traffic collisions each year, and the Hampton Ave and I-64 intersection is no different.

The crossroad of Hampton Ave and I-64 is actually two intersections that form from the on and off-ramps of the north and southbound sections of the interstate. Based on this structure, drivers are constantly merging in and out of lanes to get to the right destination. In addition, the intersection is located on the south side of Forest Park, a 1,326 acres public park with multiple attractions like the St. Louis Zoo and Art Museum. As such, meaning this intersection sees a massive amount of traffic at all hours. A single inexperienced driver could easily become confused by the road’s structure and cause a catastrophic intersection accident.

In fact, these types of collisions are a daily occurrence in St. Louis. In a report from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), the Department reviewed three-years’ worth of auto accidents within the city’s limits to determine the major causes of collisions. In the report, MoDOT concluded over 5% of auto accidents in Missouri occurred in just St. Louis, making up an estimated 14,000 collisions that involved serious injuries, and over 6% of all fatal collisions in Missouri. The causes of these deaths included:

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