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Car Crash at a Dangerous Intersection in Missouri

Whether controlled by traffic lights or stop signs or located in huge cities or small towns, intersections in Missouri and elsewhere are risky places for motorists. Other drivers and the intersection itself are both factors that can lead to intersection accidents. If you find yourself a victim in this type of collision, the two most important things you can do to protect yourself are to get medical attention and legal advice. Page Law is here to help.

It’s an often-cited fact that nearly one out of every three traffic accidents occurs at an intersection. Indeed, 40% of all fatal car, truck and bicycle crashes occur at intersections, according to recent data compiled by the Driving Institute of America (DIA).

Different Types of Intersections

All this said, however, it’s important to recognize that different intersections present different roadway hazards. The most common intersections on America’s roads and highways are three-way and four-way intersections. However, you can also find examples of five-way intersections, six-way intersections, and unique/unclassifiable types of intersections.

Most intersections are controlled by either stop signs or traffic signals. However, you can also find so-called “uncontrolled” intersections, in which drivers must look around to determine who has the right of way, as there are no signals given. Traffic circles, also known as “round-abouts,” also do not usually have stop signs or traffic signals controlling them. (They may, however, have yield signs to indicate the flow of right of way.)

Even in the familiar terrain of stop-sign-controlled intersections and traffic-signal-controlled intersections, you can find variation. For instance, you can find four-way stop intersections and two-way stop intersections. Signal controlled intersections can themselves vary depending on the time of day, the flow of traffic, the presence or absence of certain hazards, special events in the area, and myriad other factors.

The point is that the accident rates for different types of intersections may in fact diverge significantly from the collective trends observed about intersections in general.

Causes of Intersection Accidents

So many things can go wrong at an intersection that can ultimately lead to an accident. Some of the causes of intersection accidents in Missouri and other states are the following:

  • A driver refuses to obey stop lights or signs
    This is one of the most common causes of intersection accidents. Whether it is because they are in a rush, intoxicated or simply not paying attention, drivers may fail to stop at the entry to an intersection when there is a stop sign or the light is red. If another driver is crossing through the intersection at the same time, the resultant accident is often a side impact collision. These types of crashes can also occur if a driver decides to enter an intersection even though the light is yellow.
  • A driver fails to stop in time
    If a driver is approaching an intersection too quickly, he or she may not be able to stop the vehicle soon enough to avoid hitting another car. In this type of situation, the speeding motorist will likely cause a rear-end collision.
  • A driver fails to see the intersection or important warning signs
    Intersection accidents are not always the fault of drivers. For instance, stop signs may be hidden from view by trees, or an intersection may be virtually invisible until motorists are just a short distance away.
  • A driver refuses to give another motorist the right-of-way
    This is a common cause of intersection accidents at four-way stops. A driver may enter the intersection when it is another motorist’s turn. If the other motorist does not yield in time, there may be a side impact, or t-bone, collision.

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Our Missouri auto accident attorneys can help you determine whether you have a case against the other motorist who was at fault in an intersection collision or the company responsible for designing and/or maintaining the intersection where your collision occurred. Contact our Missouri intersection car accident lawyers to arrange a no-cost initial consultation to find out more about your legal rights and the damages you may be able to collect. We are here to help you get the damages you need to get your life back on track. Call us today.

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