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Rear Ended by a Negligent Driver

Rear end car accidents and motorcycle collision are usually the least fatal type of accident. The rear end car accident accounts for only six deaths per one million registered cars. However, these types of car accidents and motorcycle accidents are the most common type of accidents, with approximately 2.5 million rear end accidents each year.

The Dangers of Read End Collisions

On a car, the rear bumper system is an important safety feature; however, over the last two decades automakers have developed and installed increasingly less reliable rear bumpers. While a quality rear bumper is capable of compressing upon impact and absorbing the force of a low speed care accident, lower quality bumpers tend to be less absorbent, sending the brunt of the impact to the occupants. Furthermore, rear bumpers are designed to handle only a five-mile per hour rear end car accident when many rear end accidents occur at much greater speeds. Unfortunately, many of today’s bumpers are designed more to protect the car rather than the occupants. Obviously a motorcycle will not provide near as much protection as the car would during an accident.

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Our St. Louis Rear End Car Accident Lawyers Deal with the Insurance Company

Many insurance companies believe that if a vehicle sustains little or no visible damage in a car crash, then the vehicle’s occupants must have emerged unscathed. This is not necessarily the case. Each day we learn more about the potentially serious physical consequences of low speed car collisions and rear end collisions. While the car may be designed to handle the low speed impact, the human body is not. Serious injuries can occur in low speed rear end car crashes and motorcycle accidents. One reason is that a driver typically will not see the rear end accident getting ready to happen and will not be able to brace themselves.

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