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Be Extra Alert While Driving Near Zumbehl Road and I-70

Zumbehl Road and I-70 intersectionThe intersection at Zumbehl Road and Interstate 70 is situated in St. Charles, just across the Missouri River from St. Louis. Many consider St. Charles a suburb of St. Louis, but on its own St. Charles is the ninth-largest city in the state of Missouri. Four major thoroughfares run through the area, including I-70, and St. Charles is no stranger to dense traffic and the hazards that come with it, especially in areas like Zumbehl Road.

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Salisbury Street and I-70: How to Drive it Safely

Many people use I-70 every day to travel across St. Louis. Stretching from the St. Louis International Airport across to Old North St. Louis, and then splitting off into I-44 and I-55, many drivers find it an unavoidable part of their journey. However, the intersection of I-70 and Salisbury Street can be very dangerous and is the location of many vehicle accidents. Just last year, I-70 was closed around Salisbury St due to an accident that had occurred. 

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Drivers: Beware The Intersection at Wentzville Parkway and I-70

Set amidst the peaceful suburb of Wentzville is one of the busiest intersections in St. Louis County. The intersection at Wentzville Parkway and I-70 is known to be a stressful and complicated part of many people’s commutes. It is also the site of multiple car accidents. Recently, two adults were critically injured, with an additional adult and two children sustaining minor injuries, in an accident that occurred along this stretch of road.

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The Dangers at Tempo Drive and Highway 340

The intersection at Tempo Drive and Highway 340 can be challenging for even the most experienced drivers. Residents of Creve Coeur may remember the 2018 school bus crash near the Tempo Drive and Highway 340 intersection.

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Nightmare Intersection: Trouble on James S. McDonnell Boulevard and I-270

James S. McDonnell Boulevard Off I-270I-270 is an important highway for access through Hazelwood, with constantly flowing traffic. One of the busiest intersections with the interstate is at James S. McDonnell Boulevard. Because of the nine exit and entrance ramps, drivers must remain vigilant to avoid a collision. Motorists must be on the lookout constantly for sudden lane changes made by vehicles entering and exiting the highway.

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A High-Traffic, Dangerous Intersection at Airport Road and I-170

Airport Road and I-170 intersection

If you live near or commute down Airport Road, you are probably familiar with where it intersects with Interstate 170 in Berkeley. The area is a quaint suburb of St. Louis. The traffic along I-170, however, is heavy, with an elevated risk of a collision.

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Why It’s So Dangerous at Grand Ave and I-70

Grand Ave and I-70Interstate 70 is one of the busiest roadways in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Anyone leaving the city headed for the St. Louis International Airport will be on I-70. Travelers and tourists flock to St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch, take in a Cardinals game, and tour the Anheuser-Busch facilities. Many who land at STL are en route to the city via I-70. The Grand Ave exit is not far from the McKinley Bridge, and it is one mile from the Mississippi River. Car accidents at this intersection are common.

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Beware the Tough Intersection at Hampton Ave and I-64

Hampton Ave and I-64 intersection

Accidents happen far too often at the intersection of I-64 and Hampton Avenue, especially when the roads are wet or icy. Loss of tire traction, in an already complicated traffic pattern, can be dangerous for any driver in the vicinity.

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The Dangers Posed by Forest Park Pkwy and I-70


Forest Park Pkwy and I-70Clayton, MO is the St. Louis County seat. It is also the home of the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, and the iconic Jewel Box – a glass-paned greenhouse displaying hundreds of flowers in Forest Park. Needless to say, this city sees a lot of visitors, and a great deal of traffic. Combined with complex road designs, the traffic volume can increase the risk of an accident. One of the most dangerous intersections is at Forest Park Parkway and I-70.

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Determining Liability for Accidents Near Hampton Ave and I-44


Hampton Ave and I-44Interstate 44 runs due east through St. Louis until it meets I-55 south of downtown. From there, I-44 runs concurrently with I-55 for approximately two miles, then continues north through downtown St. Louis to its junction with I-70 at the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge. Heavy traffic makes accidents more likely to happen on this highway, particularly around the on and off-ramps, at the dangerous area near Hampton Avenue and I-44.

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