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Why It’s So Dangerous at Grand Ave and I-70

Grand Ave and I-70Interstate 70 is one of the busiest roadways in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Anyone leaving the city headed for the St. Louis International Airport will be on I-70. Travelers and tourists flock to St. Louis to visit the Gateway Arch, take in a Cardinals game, and tour the Anheuser-Busch facilities. Many who land at STL are en route to the city via I-70. The Grand Ave exit is not far from the McKinley Bridge, and it is one mile from the Mississippi River. Car accidents at this intersection are common.

Why is the Intersection Dangerous?

The Grand Avenue intersection with I-70 is in the College Hill neighborhood. It confuses some drivers because on the western side of the interstate underpass is Grand Boulevard and once you pass under I-70 the eastern side is Grand Ave.

The exit has been repaved which improves the road, but it has not been painted which is very dangerous to both drivers and pedestrians at the intersection. Without proper markings or guidance more accidents occur at a crossroads like this. The most common intersection accidents are:

  • Sideswipe: When the front of a car collides with the side of another car. Sometimes referred to as a “T-bone.”
  • Rear-end. When the front of a car hits the back of another car. They happen at intersections that get backed up with traffic.
  • Head-on. When two cars crash into each other’s front ends. Common at intersections where a driver turns down the wrong lane of traffic.
  • When a car hits a person on foot. This can happen when a pedestrian crosses the street illegally or when a driver does not check the crosswalk lane before turning.

These types of accidents can cause serious or catastrophic injuries that change a life forever.

Who is Liable?

Liability in an intersection traffic accident typically is a result of negligent driving conduct. The negligent party may have failed to obey traffic laws, violated right-of-way, or failed to look both left and right before moving into a lane of traffic. Defective and poorly designed intersections may also contribute to a collision. A full evaluation of the facts in the collision can identify the at-fault parties. If you were hurt in a crash at the intersection of I-70 and Grand Avenue, a St. Louis car accident attorney may be able to help you on your road to recovery.

What’s Next?

An experienced car accident attorney could assess your case to help determine who was at fault and the damages that should be pursued. After a serious injury crash, you may be facing medical bills from treatment, surgery, therapies, or a lifetime of challenges, not to mention suffering lost wages from the inability to work, or worse, physical changes in your ability to earn in the future. You are invited to a free consultation with Page Law so that we can evaluate your case and advise you about your rights, and how to move forward with a claim or lawsuit to hold the at-fault party accountable. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you. Contact our office at 1-800-CAR-CRASH (800-227-2727).

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