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St. Louis Intersection Accidents at Hampton Ave and I-44

St. Louis is no stranger to auto accidents. The Gateway to the West has seven major interstates that allow millions of residents and visitors to move in and out of the city with ease. One of these freeways, the I-44, cuts through St. Louis County, allowing anyone living or working in the western side of the county to quickly travel downtown. But, this massive amount of daily traffic does increase the likelihood of serious car accidents, especially around on- and off-ramps.

Hampton Avenue is one such area. This major road cuts right underneath the I-44 and, at one point, an accident at this intersection caused a total shutdown of the westbound route. While there are several factors that influence intersection accidents, it is important to note the lengthy on- and off-ramps for drivers at Hampton Ave. and the I-44. The length of these exits can tempt drivers to speed or make it difficult to judge how much time they have to come to a complete stop, ultimately leading to a serious intersection accident. In addition, if drivers are not careful merging onto the on-ramps, they may blindly drive in front of oncoming traffic.

Naturally, as a major city, St. Louis sees thousands of collisions every year, often due to reckless and careless drivers. In a single recent year, St. Louis witnessed an estimated 15,818 auto accidents, including 4,189 accidents that involved a serious injury and 57 that involved a fatality, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP). In addition, over a three-year period, over 171 fatal car accidents occurred in St. Louis, accounting for roughly 6% of all fatal collisions in the state of Missouri, according to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

Some of the major causes of these deaths include:

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