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St. Charles Intersection Accidents at Zumbehl Road and I-70

As one of the more populace cities in Missouri, the people of St. Charles are used to a large amount of traffic, both on sidewalks and on the roadways. Considering that the city has four major highways running directly through it, drivers are used to having to navigate in high-stress situations. However, there are few drivers who are prepared for the intersection of Zumbehl Road and I-70. This incredibly complex and busy stretch of road is incredibly dangerous and has long been the cause of major car accidents.

I-70 is a major highway for several states, Missouri included. As such, it deals with a lot of the eastern and western traffic in St. Charles. This means that any intersections along the highway are going to be dense with traffic, and potentially dangerous. This is especially true at the intersection with Zumbehl Road. While not a highway, Zumbehl Road is still a major road in the city and takes on a lot of the southern and norther traffic. That means that the intersection between these two roads is incredibly busy most hours of the day, but especially during peak commuting hours.

The intersection itself involves six on and off ramps, and two through lanes that break up the middle of Zumbehl Road. These through lanes are controlled by traffic lights, but those traveling across Zumbehl Road still have to contend with constant influx of traffic from every direction. To make matters even worse, the intersection with I-70 is bookended with two other intersections. One with W Clay St, and the other with Veterans memorial Parkway. This means that in order to get through Zumbehl Road, a driver must pass through three high-trafficked intersections. This can make the right of way incredibly confusing, and place drivers in a high-stress situation. All it takes is for one of the drivers at any of the intersection to look down at his or her phone for a fraction of a second for disaster to strike.

These kinds of intersection are often the cause of catastrophic collisions, especially in St. Charles. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) drivers not bothering to signal their lane change or turn before entering an intersection are among the top causes for car accidents in the city. Other negligence related causes include:

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