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There are hundreds of fatal bicycle accidents each and every year because careless motorists choose to disobey the rules of the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 700 bicyclists and riders of other pedal conveyances were killed in 2012, and another thousands were injured. And in the vast majority of these cases, the fault more than likely did not belong to the bicyclist.

Bicyclists Face Many Dangers on the Road

Bicycles offer no protection from the motor vehicles traveling at high speeds. Because of this, bicyclists are afforded their own rights while on the road, and all motorists must abide by these rights. However, not all motorists choose to even acknowledge other vehicles on the road, let alone bicyclists. Often times, negligent action of some kind, whether it is driver inattention to the road, vehicles being operated at excessive speeds, or a failure to adhere to traffic laws, contributes toward bicyclist injury, and can seriously impact an accident victim’s life for years to come.

Biking Injury Data and Statistics

According to statistical data, a bicyclist is injured in the United States roughly every six seconds. With solely the protection of their helmets, bicyclists need to be granted the same type of respect that motorists grant to other motorists. The human body stands little chance against a moving vehicle, and injuries that result from bicycle collisions can often be catastrophic. In all instances where a bicyclist is injured, it is essential that the party deemed responsible for the accident is held accountable for his or her actions in a court of law. Those injured in bicycle collisions have the right to seek compensatory damages from individuals responsible for having cause their injuries, and the best course of action in doing so involves retaining the services of experienced legal counsel who will examine every detail surrounding the accident to determine as accurately as possible exactly what happened.

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While only one-third of bike accidents result in collision between a bicyclist and an automobile, far too many bicyclists are injured on Missouri roads each year as the result of motorist negligence. If you have been involved in a bike accident and are an injured bicyclist, you have rights as an accident victim. If you’ve been injured, please call a top St. Louis personal injury lawyer at Page Law today for a free evaluation of your case. You can fill out our confidential online case evaluation or by calling (314) 322-8515.

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