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Van Accidents

15-passenger vans are a popular form of transportation for small sports teams, musicians, academic clubs, and other touring groups. But each year hundreds of people are injured in 15-passenger van accidents. This is sometimes due to the fact that the drivers of these vans are inexperienced in controlling such a large, heavy vehicle. They are amateurs when it comes to negotiating turns, monitoring their speed, controlling the vehicle in bad weather and other basic driving skills which are considered simple in much smaller vehicles.

Because of the high center of gravity in these vehicles, the risk of rollover while driving or riding in a 15-passenger van is much higher than that of standard vehicles. In addition, a 15-passenger van’s risk of accident increases tremendously with the number of people on board. The combination of novice drivers and a packed, heavy van can result in dangerous consequences. In fact, 15-passenger van collisions have risen in frequency nearly every year. If you or a loved one has suffered serious physical injuries in a van crash, please contact a Missouri rollover accident lawyer immediately.

Van Accident Case Result

  • $900,000 for van accident victim
    Plaintiff was injured in a crash with a delivery van.

The Dangers of Vans

Once a van rolls over, its driver and passengers are often exposed to greater dangers than individuals involved in car or SUV rollovers. These dangers include:

  • A lack of structural integrity in most 15-passenger vans, which increases the risk of vehicle collapse
  • A lack of adequate crash padding to protect passengers during collisions
  • A lack of laminated side windows to cushion a passenger rather than shatter and allow for passenger ejection
  • A lack of emergency exits, which are standard on school buses and commercial motor coaches

The lack of adequate safety equipment and passenger protection in many 15-passenger vans can make these vehicles extremely dangerous. The risk of accident for these vehicles is very high, whether you are a passenger in the van or you and your family are sharing the road with a 15-passenger van.

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