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School Bus Lawyer: Why You Must Fight for a Settlement After an Accident

While public bus transportation is among the least controlled methods of transportation, buses owned and operated by schools are even less regulated.

Top-heavy designs make school buses prone to rolling over. Furthermore, few have seatbelts, making serious injuries – and even death – a great possibility during school bus crashes.

And these dangers don’t even include risks outside school buses. Driver fatigue, excessive speeding, inadequate maintenance, blind spots and improper training put pedestrians at risk, too.

If you or a loved one was hurt as a result of an accident involving a school bus, fighting for maximum compensation through settlement or trial is your best way to ensure negligent parties make school bus safety a priority.

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Be prepared, though, laws and regulations surrounding bus accidents are complicated. Negligent parties can include public or private schools, bus companies, manufacturers and even local government agencies (if inadequate roadways contributed to the crash).

Complicating matters are problems associated with insurance companies.

How to Handle the Insurance Company After Your School Bus Accident

In our free consumer awareness guide, 11 Questions You Should Ask Before You Sign Anything , you’ll find out ways to pressure the insurance companies so you get the information you need to secure a better settlement. You’ll also discover …

  • How to know if an insurance company is planning to argue you were partially or fully responsibly for your accident.
  • What to ask for when you submit a medical release so insurance companies only get records related to your accident. (Some will seek out medical records all the way back to your birth.)
  • A sneaky “debt” tactic insurance companies use to get you to agree to a quick, low settlement offer.
  • How your friends and neighbors can play a vital role in your settlement.
  • A simple request that allows you to know if an insurance company has gathered medical information about you from unreliable sources.
  • And much more.

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