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The details of a car accident settlement in Missouri are foreign to most people. Many accident victims take whatever their insurance company offers them so that they can start moving on with their life. They assume their insurance company is treating them fairly and with decency. However, oftentimes it doesn’t take long for them to realize that the actual cost of their recovery is going to be far greater than they anticipated. Suddenly, what the insurance company offered may be inadequate, and the victim has no recourse available to get the additional funds owed to them.

Don’t let yourself get cheated by an insurance company. You deserve to receive the maximum amount you’re entitled to.

The average car accident settlement varies significantly based on a huge number of factors. Oftentimes, a car accident settlement calculator is used by an insurance company to give a uniform structure to a settlement. This takes into account a specific set of variables, including medical costs and time off from work, in order to formulate an estimate for how much a victim ought to be compensated. An insurance company will often look at your raw expenses as a ceiling, and try to whittle down what they owe you from there. In reality, costs like medical bills and time off from work are the floor of your claim, and represent the most basic needs for which you ought to be compensated.

Missouri Car Accident Case Results

  • $1 Million for car accident victim
    Plaintiff was injured in a head-on collision.
  • $1 Million in auto accident case
    Plaintiff sustained injuries when the car he was riding in was t-boned by another vehicle.
  • $650,000 for auto accident victim
    Plaintiff was traveling on Illinois Route 163 when his vehicle was rear-ended.
  • $170,000 for vehicle accident vicitm
    Plaintiff was injured in an auto accident, requiring knee surgery.

One of the most significant factors in determining how much a victim gets compensated is whether he or she has hired an experienced Missouri traffic accident attorney to fight the insurance company for them.

Looking at an average car accident settlement will not give you a clear understanding of how much an accident victim in your unique situation deserves to be compensated. Similarly, while you can find a car accident settlement calculator on the Internet, using this tool yourself wont give you a firm impression of the maximum amount you’re entitled to. A car accident settlement represents a tireless negotiation between the victim and an insurance agency. It’s a fight that you won’t have the strength or knowledge to engage in alone. Following a car accident, a victim needs to focus all of their energy on recuperating.

An insurance company will try to take advantage of your weakness, compounding your suffering and leaving you feeling exploited.

Let our St. Louis injury lawyers handle your car accident settlement for you. We have the experience, skill and resolve to help ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation that you are entitled to. We offer free, no-obligation case reviews, so there is absolutely no risk to you in contacting us.

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