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Legal Representation for Hit-and-Run Bike Victims

A hit-and-run bike accident presents a unique obstacle to the accident victim trying to obtain the compensation they need to recover and meet their unexpected financial obligations following an accident. In the case that a hit-and-run driver is found or turns themselves in, which is the ideal scenario, then the driver and any other parties found liable can be made to pay for your lost wages; pain and suffering; medical expenses; and other damages as a result of the crash.

However, when the responsible party is not found, one can receive compensation through their uninsured motorist coverage on their auto insurance, which provides compensation when a driver flees the scene of a crash and cannot be found. There are different avenues to pursue when trying to get compensation after an accident, and a skilled lawyer can help you decide what is best for you. We understand the unique challenges of a hit-and-run case and have the resources needed to find you the money you need to recover after a crash.

Who is Liable & How Can Victims Recover Compensation in Missouri?

According to Missouri state law, a motorist commits the crime of leaving the scene of an accident when the accident causes injury or property damage but the person flees due to their culpability without providing his or her contact information. A bicycle accident can have some of the most devastating results of any traffic accident; as such, a biker injured as the result of another’s negligence has the legal right to pursue compensation from the driver responsible in order to pay for their costly accident-related losses. But when a person leaves the scene of a collision and does not give contact information, determining who is liable and who should pay presents an additional challenge in a person’s legal battle.

Depending on the circumstances of the bicycle crash, several parties can be held liable for the crash. For example, the registered owner of the vehicle can be held liable for some or all of the damages if he or she gave the offender permission to use their vehicle or if their negligence played a role in the vehicle being stolen. If the at-fault driver is identified and charged with a hit-and-run while on the job, the person’s employer can also be held responsible for the incident. A qualified attorney can help conduct a proper investigation and determine who is responsible for the accident in addition to the actual driver, if found, in order to get you full compensation.

Obtaining Justice for Missouri Accident Victims

The road to recovery after an accident is an exceptionally difficult one to travel as a biker copes with physical and emotional injuries as well as unexpected financial pressures. In the event a negligent motorist flees the scene of the accident, the obstacles one will encounter as they seek compensation for their losses can make moving forward after a crash seemingly impossible. The St. Louis bicycle accident attorneys at Page Law have dedicated their careers to helping those injured due to another’s careless actions and will work diligently to get the money you need to get back on your feet. Call (314) 322-8515 to discuss your case with us.

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