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Creve Coeur Intersection Accidents at Tempo Drive and Highway 340

Centrally located in St. Louis County, Creve Coeur see a lot of traffic from the surrounding cities. Anyone who wants to get from one side of the county to the other has to pass through Creve Coeur. The two freeways in the city, 340 and I-270, are often brimming with speeding traffic. Any road that intersects with either freeway is bound to be a dangerous one. This is especially true when it comes to the intersection between Highway 340 and Tempo Drive.

Oftentimes, when a busy freeway crosses with a street, city planners will utilize a bridge for either the freeway or the street. However, that is not the case for 340 or Tempo Drive. Instead, in order to control the intersection, there are traffic lights posted at the entrances of each lane. While that may not sound like a dangerous situation, 340 is an incredibly busy freeway, and has heavy traffic most hours of the day. A traffic light can bring that traffic to a standstill, but only if all drivers are paying attention, which they very well may not be.

On top of that, the area around Tempo Drive and 340 is popular for businesses. There are banks, restaurants, and even a large mall. Each of these businesses has a parking lot that needs to exit somewhere, and most exit on to 340 or Tempo Drive. That adds multiple points of entry and exit along this already busy intersection. Drivers must not only watch the lights, but also check for cars suddenly pulling in front of them from a parking lot. This can make the right-of-way incredibly confusing, and a driver who looks down for even a second could cause a major accident.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), intersections are a leading cause of car accidents in Creve Coeur. Considering how confusing and dangerous an intersection like 340 and Tempo Drive is, this makes complete sense. Following intersection accidents are:

Any kind of negligence can be deadly, especially at an intersection. However, speeding, aggression, distractions, and even tailgating are all liable to lead to a serious collision that could result in a multi-car pileup.

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