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Berkeley Intersection Accidents at Airport Road and I-170

Berkeley is one of the smaller suburbs in St. Louis County, and many of the locals enjoy the kind of quiet that the suburb can offer. However, that does not mean that Berkeley is free traffic, or dangerous roadways. I-170 brings a great deal of southern and northern traffic into Berkeley, especially considered that it borders the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Many people needing to get to the airport will likely travel through Berkeley on I-170 and will then need to travel through the intersection with Airport Road.

Airport Road plays a vital role in the commute that many people take to the St. Louis Lambert International Airport. Due to that, the toad is often full of traffic, especially during heavy airport travel days, such as the weekends. Considering how busy both Airport Road and I-170 can get, you may expect that the intersection between the two roadways would be made as simply as possible. That just isn’t the case, however. There are eight on and off ramps that lead from I-170 onto Airport Road, along with two through lanes. This means that drivers trying to make it through the road will have to watch for sudden traffic on their left and right, as well as for crossing traffic that may suddenly appear in the through lanes.

Like most intersections, this one is surrounded by business, such as banks and restaurants, on either side. The parking lots to these businesses add several more points of entry for those on Airport Road to worry about. When drivers are negligent, such as when they are drunk or distracted, the more points of entry to contend with, the more dangerous these drivers become.

According to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) the leading causes of fatal car accidents in Berkeley are almost all related directly an act of negligence from the at-fault driver. Some of the top causes include:

Drivers not bothering to signal properly before passing through an intersection are also a major cause of fatal car accidents in Berkeley. This is especially an issue at intersections like Airport Road and I-170, where the right of way can be confusing. If a driver neglects to indicate a turn or a merge, then he or she is putting everyone else at a serious risk for an accident.

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