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How to Prepare for a Prep Agreement

An Awareness Guide for Future Spouses

The decision whether to have a prenuptial agreement is a touchy subject. Adding to the decisiveness are numerous misconceptions and confusion over the legal process.

And that’s where this guide will help you. As you can imagine, starting the process unprepared or uneducated about your options is a mistake.

After you read the following information, you’ll be able to make informed, intelligent decisions about your pre- or postnuptial agreement. My experience as a lawyer practicing exclusively in family law and domestic relations gives me unique insight into your situation. So I encourage you to also use me a source to calm your concerns.

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Of course, I know many people have reservations about working with lawyers. That’s why my practice is dedicated to educating prospects and clients.

After all, when you know what goes on behind the agreement process and understand why certain events happen, you can better project problems and create a more predictable outcome.

Tonya D. Page

You may think getting a prenuptial agreement means you’re entering a marriage with distrust. But the truth is, without a customized premarital contract, the state of Missouri dictates the terms of your marriage.

You may also believe a prenuptial agreement is only for wealthy people who want to protect property from less well-off spouses. But there are many more reasons for a prenuptial agreement, including:

  • Preserving assets for beneficiaries and children from a previous marriage;
  • Ensuring individual assets (including businesses) remain separate property after marriage;
  • Avoiding a long, drawn-out process in the case of a divorce; and
  • Establishing procedures to address changes in financial circumstances during your marriage.

The bottom line is a prenuptial agreement helps ensure you make decisions about distribution and division of property. A postnuptial agreement operates the same way, but is created during your marriage.

Keep in mind, though, even the most carefully drafted agreement doesn’t guarantee you won’t go through litigation during a divorce. However, it may expedite the process.

Also, prenuptial agreements can get challenged in court and determined invalid or unenforceable. To limit the probability of that happening to you, work with an attorney experienced in drafting marital contracts and …

  • Get representation from a different lawyer than your spouse. That way it’s clear you both voluntarily agreed to the arrangement and fully understood what it meant.
  • Sign your agreement well before your wedding. If the agreement is signed just prior to the big day, your spouse can later claim he or she was pressured into it at the last minute.
  • Fully and completely disclose all your assets (and make sure your spouse does the same). If your agreement is ever challenged, one factor the court considers is whether the parties fully and completely disclosed all of their financial assets and liabilities.
  • Make sure your agreement is fair and not one-sided.

If you’re going through a divorce and a prenuptial agreement is involved, check with a St. Louis divorce attorney to see if the agreement should be challenged. In some cases, you can work out a better settlement than what was original detailed in the prenuptial agreement. If the agreement is found to be invalid by the court, you may be entitled to more than what was included in the agreement.

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