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Child Order of Protection

A Child Order of Protection is similar to an Adult Order of Protection, except that it is filed on behalf of the child, usually by a parent, to protect the child from physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. In the County of Saint Louis, Missouri, a Guardian ad litem is appointed in every child order of protection case. A Guardian ad litem is a special advocate (usually an attorney) who the Court appoints to represent the minor child. An experienced Saint Louis Child Order of Protection Attorney will be able to answer any questions you have after reading this page.

If there is a prior custody order, then a Child Order of Protection cannot be entered against the other parent. When there has been a prior Order of Custody, usually the only way to change a custody schedule is to file a Motion to Modify Custody and Visitation.

In the County of St. Louis, MO, a Court may enter a Temporary Injunction and Restraining Order preventing the other parent from exercising custody, but this is only in rare instances, and certain requirements must be met before a Court will enter a Temporary Injunction and Restraining Order. Temporary Injunctions and Restraining Orders may also be used in divorce cases for other reasons, such as when one party hides or spends assets and the other spouse doesn’t have access to the accounts or assets. You should consult an experienced Missouri family law lawyer regarding your options. If you have any further questions, please call Saint Louis, Missouri Child Order of Protection Attorney Tonya Page. She can be reached at (314) 322-8515 or via our contact form.

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