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It started out harmless enough. First it was a slight pinch in your lower back. In a few days it grew to a steady throbbing. Within a week, you were barely able to walk and couldn’t pick anything up at work. Now you are completely bedridden, terrified of losing your job and wondering how you will be able to afford medical care. Before you spend another day suffering on your own, contact the injury attorneys at Page Law to discuss your options. In the state of Missouri, injuries that occur on the job are covered under worker’s compensation. This means you have the right to financial assistance for the damages you have experienced.

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Don’t delay. While your employer and the worker’s compensation board are expected to provide you with assistance, the fact is both of these entities are businesses. Their primary goal is to save as much money as possible and maintain a healthy bottom line. This sadly does not take your pain and suffering into account. With proper representation, you will be able to maximize your Missouri worker’s compensation claim. Take the first step and call Page Law today.

Work Accident Case Results

  • $822,500 verdict for injured electrician
    Plaintiff was injured in a fall from a warehouse work platform.
  • $212,000 for on the job injury victim
    Plaintiff tripped and tore his rotator cuff.

I’ve Been Injured at Work. What Should I do?

Get medical attention as soon as possible. Tell your employer as soon as you can about the situation, and put your notification in writing. Note your company’s response to the accident. If you fail to notify your employer within a certain period of time, you may forfeit your right to a worker’s compensation claim. If you suffer a chronic problem — for instance, a typing injury sustained after years of data entry — notify your boss as soon as you become aware of the problem.

What Injuries Should The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act Cover?

  • Repetitive stress injuries due to typing
  • Broken bones from working in assembly lines
  • Knee problems and back problems resulting from lifting heavy objects
  • Burns and chemical exposure
  • Hypertension
  • Pain in the neck and head
  • Loss of the ability to grip
  • Heart attacks and strokes
  • Many other injuries

Ideally you should be able to work the claim out with your employer. This is rarely the case when you are seriously injured at work.

Can my Boss Fire Me For Getting Injured on The Job or Refuse to Pay My Worker’s Compensation in Missouri?

No – on both counts. According to both U.S and Missouri state law, employers can’t terminate employees for getting injured on the job. If your employer refuses to acknowledge your claim, you should seek an experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney immediately.

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