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Negotiating a St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Settlement Agreement

Workers’ Compensation Settlement Negotiation

If you’ve been injured at work and offered a workers’ compensation settlement agreement, DO NOT sign it until you understand your rights. Accepting a settlement will close your case and prevent you from getting any additional support in the future. It may be in your best interest to negotiate further with the workers’ compensation insurance company or to research all of your options before making any final decisions. Get a lawyer on your side that has years of experience with handling workers’ compensation law.

The experienced Missouri workers’ compensation attorneys at Page Law understand the emotional and financial challenges faced by injured workers and their families. We’ll fight hard to make sure you receive fair and full financial compensation for all your work-related injuries, damages and losses. Contact us at 1(800) 227-2727 to discuss your case.

How Settlements in Missouri Work

Many injured workers in Missouri choose to receive weekly permanent disability payments to cover a portion of the wages they are losing while hurt. Others choose a lump sum settlement. In Missouri, you can request a settlement that covers future amounts the insurance company will owe you, future medical bills, past-due temporary disability payments and unreimbursed medical bills. It is even possible to get a structured settlement over a period of time that allows you to maintain certain rights to medical care.

When offered a workers’ comp settlement, you can accept the offer and take your weekly payments for as long as they are available, or you can proceed to a hearing or trial to fight for higher weekly payments or a larger lump sum payment. There is a risk in refusing the offer because a judge could decide that you deserve less. This is why a workers’ compensation attorney is needed to review all possible outcomes and conclusions.

Understanding the Implications

For some, accepting the workers’ comp settlement offered to them is the best option because it cuts down the time the injured worker has to wait to receive payment. If you accept any settlement, you won’t have to wait for the hearing. Insurance companies may even open up negotiations if you are willing to approve their offer. For example, if there is a small chance that you’ll need surgery in the future, you could be able to negotiate for a portion of the potential costs of the surgery in the hopes that you will never require the procedure.

But, you can give up your rights to future medical treatment if you accept the settlement. You may not want to waive this right if you’ll need expensive medications or additional surgeries and treatments related to your work injury in the future.

There are no easy decisions. There are pros and cons to accepting or refusing a workers’ compensation settlement. It is crucial that you understand the implications of your decision. Page Law can help.

Let Us Help You

Even if you accept an offer, your case will not close without being approved by a workers’ compensation judge. During an informal conference, the judge will review if the settlement is fair for you. However, since a judge might not know your medical history or future health requirements, leaving your future in the hands of a judge may be tricky.

At Page Law, we understand the financial issues caused by a work-related injury can be stressful. Settling and moving on can be tempting, but our workers’ compensation attorneys also understand that each claim is different and each person should carefully consider if settlement is best for them.

Our Missouri workers’ comp lawyers will review your current medical condition, your future medical and rehabilitation needs, insurance company contact and the possibility of future health problems. We will fight for your rights and look out for you. Call us at 1(800) 227-2727 for a no-cost consultation and case evaluation.

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