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Blunt Pancreatic Injury

Pancreatic injury is not, by itself, a common injury. The pancreas is located in the posterior midline aspect of the abdominal cavity and as such, is protected by many other organs in the event of traumatic injury. Thus, in a situation where the pancreas has been injured, multiple other organs usually have sustained injury as well.

With a blunt pancreatic injury, the blunt force to the abdomen is transmitted to the pancreas causing shearing of the tissue and ducts within the pancreas resulting in leakage of pancreatic digestive enzymes. Alternatively, the compressive forces created from blunt force to the abdomen can damage the tissue causing bleeding within the pancreas. The most common causes of this type of injury include tractor trailer accidents, truck accidents, motor vehicle accidents, work related accidents, and falls from extreme heights.


As stated above, isolated pancreatic injury is rare but in the setting of significant abdominal trauma, it is not uncommon for the pancreas along with multiple other abdominal organs to be injured simultaneously. As such, many symptoms unrelated to the pancreatic injury are usually noted, such as nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, and signs of shock. Specific to the pancreas, symptoms are usually limited and include some abdominal pain and discomfort that may radiate through to the back or be felt only in the back. If injury is significant enough to cause duct injury and leakage of the digestive enzymes, you may experience significant abdominal pain and bloating from irritation of the abdominal cavity lining.

Treatment and Prognosis

Due to the lack of significant symptoms, many pancreatic injuries are detected during surgery for other related injuries sustained during the same traumatic incident; if necessary, bleeding will be controlled and any ductal injuries repaired surgically at the same time. If a collection of fluid is seen on imaging near the pancreas (usually a collection of digestive enzymes and juices), it can be drained with a needle to prevent potential infection. In the rare case of isolated injury, surgery is indicated for uncontrolled bleeding and major injury to one of the pancreatic ducts.

Individuals with a pancreatic injury typically have a good recovery.

Comprehensive Legal Representation

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