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While it is true that automobile accidents account for the majority of spinal cord injuries, you run the risk of sustaining a spinal cord injury anytime you are involved in an accident. Falls, sports accidents, construction accidents and aviation accidents can all cause a spinal cord injury. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are permanent and can cause a lifetime of pain and disabilities.

The lumbar region of the spinal cord is located just above the thoracic area, between where the ribs attach and the pelvic region. Injuries to the lumbar region of the spinal cord will usually leave individuals with good trunk control and movement in their upper extremities. Individuals with a lumbar spinal cord injury can usually sit well, but walking and hip control will be affected. If there is a complete injury to the lumbar spinal cord, there is the potential for complete paralysis below the waist.

If you or someone you love has sustained a lumbar spinal cord injury, it is important to contact an experienced St. Louis back injury attorney immediately. Compensation will be needed for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and lost wages, as well as pain and suffering. Lumbar spinal cord injuries can also prevent some individuals from continuing their jobs. As a result, a personal injury attorney will need to assist you in obtaining disability benefits, filing for workman’s compensation (if necessary) and filing necessary claims against all responsible parties.

What a spinal cord injury really costs

Spinal cord injuries are extremely costly. The average lifetime cost for a paraplegic is almost $500,000 and the average lifetime cost for a quadriplegic is over $1.3 million. Unfortunately, these figures only take into consideration the medical treatments and rehabilitation costs and not lost wages, decreased quality of life or pain and suffering. Your legal settlement should consider all of these factors carefully to ensure that adequate compensation is given.

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