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Penetrating Lung Injury

A penetrating lung injury is a common cause of pneumothorax and hemothorax, or a collapsed lung with or without accumulation of blood in the chest cavity. The mechanism of injury is a sharp object penetrating the chest wall and piercing the lung tissue. This can injure blood vessels, small bronchioles (small branches of the main airway), in addition to the lung tissue. Common causes of a penetrating lung injury are tractor trailer accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, gunshot and stabbing injuries.

Types of Symptoms and Lung Injury Treatments

Pain, shortness of breath, and bleeding are the most common symptoms encountered with this type of penetrating lung injury. The bleeding can be massive and quickly lead to respiratory distress and death. The air entering the chest cavity can cause the lung to collapse further adding to the difficulty breathing.

Surgical placement of a chest tube is necessary. This consists of a one-way valve that is placed in the chest wall and tubing that is usually attached to a form of suction. This one-way valve allows air and blood to be sucked out of the chest cavity without having additional air enter. Once the lung is reinflated, determined by serial x-rays, the chest wall will be sutured together and covered with an airtight dressing as it heals.

If breathing is compromised, intubation and oxygen may be necessary. IV fluids and blood transfusion are other possible care necessities depending on the severity of the injury.

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