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A collapsed lung, known as a pneumothorax, can occur for many reasons, including an auto accident. It can be a spontaneous occurrence, it can occur as the result of an illness or rarely, as a complication of a surgical procedure, or it can occur as the result of an injury. The chest cavity is designed to keep a certain pressure that allows the lungs to inflate and deflate as we breathe. Any type of injury that disrupts that pressure can cause the lung to collapse – the most common is a penetrating chest injury.

With a penetrating chest trauma, a sharp object pierces the chest wall allowing air to rapidly enter the chest cavity, changing the pressure and causing part or the entire lung to collapse. Another common cause is a blunt trauma to the chest. When a blunt object strikes the chest with a large amount of force, injury to the lung tissue or the airway can occur as it is compressed; this type of injury can allow air that you have inhaled to escape into the chest cavity changing the pressure and causing the lung to collapse.

Common causes of either a penetrating or blunt injury to the chest resulting in a pneumothorax include:

  • Motorcycle accident
  • Trucking accident
  • Auto accident
  • Fall from a height
  • Faulty airbag deployment

Pneumothorax Symptoms and Treatments

The symptoms of a pneumothorax depend on how much of the lung has collapsed. If only a small portion of a lung has collapsed, which is most likely with a blunt injury, the person will most likely not have any symptoms. When a large portion of the lung collapses, the person can become short of breath, have rapid and/or shallow breathing, and may have chest pain with deep breaths.

With a penetrating injury, the definitive treatment is having a chest tube placed. A chest tube consists of a one-way valve that is placed in the chest wall and tubing that is usually attached to a form of suction. This one-way valve allows air to be sucked out of the chest cavity without having additional air enter. Once the lung is reinflated, determined by serial x-rays, the chest wall will be sutured together and covered with an airtight dressing as it heals.

A pneumothorax that occurs as a result of a blunt injury can be very serious; the air entering the chest cavity can’t escape and if not treated quickly can start compressing the heart and other lung. This is treated most rapidly by placing a needle into the chest cavity, between two ribs, allowing the air to escape and thus relieving the pressure. Once you arrive at the hospital, a chest tube will be placed and the needle removed.

If the initial injury is not life threatening, these injuries often have good resolution following chest tube placement.

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