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Blunt Urinary Tract Injury

Injury to the urinary tract is often the result of blunt trauma occurring as the result of a motor vehicle accident, fall from a great height, or work related accident. Blunt force to the abdomen transmits a shearing and compressive force to the kidneys, bladder, and ureters (tubing connecting the kidneys and bladder) which can lead to multiple injuries – bleeding within the kidney, bladder rupture if it was full at the time of injury, and disruption of one or both of the ureters.


Not everyone with an injury to the urinary tract will have symptoms. Of the symptoms one may experience, blood in the urine is the most common; this is because any injury to the urinary tract will bleed into the area where urine passes or collects. After the first few days, the amount of blood in the urine will slowly decrease and eventually cease.

Other possible symptoms include lower abdominal pain, back pain, abdominal bloating, or nausea and vomiting. In severe cases where there has been ureteral disruption or bladder rupture, urine may be leaking into the abdominal cavity making the symptoms worse.

Treatment and Prognosis

The majority of injuries are minor, such as tears in the ureters or small bleeds in the kidney, and will eventually resolve on their own. For injuries such as ureteral disruption, bladder rupture, or persistent blood in the urine, surgical repair may be indicated.

Overall, most individuals with a urinary tract injury have a complete recovery. With a bladder rupture, there is a possibility that it will be beyond repair and that you will need an external bag that attaches to your side to collect urine. If the bladder is able to be repaired, you may never regain full control of the bladder, requiring a catheter.

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