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Injury to a muscle or tendon in the back is classified as a muscle sprain or strain. These are minor injuries that with time may resolve on their own. This type of injury often occurs while lifting a heavy object, during a fall, or during a sudden deceleration such as in an auto accident.

The muscle is being stretched while your back and spine are not in its’ straight alignment – meaning the stretching force being applied to the muscle is in a different direction then what the muscle is supposed to be stretched in. Alternatively, it can also occur while the muscles are aligned with the spine but the stretching force is extreme.

Symptoms and Treatment

Following a lumbar muscle injury you may feel pain confined to the lower back. This pain should not spread anywhere else in the body if this is your only injury. You may notice it is more comfortable for you to stand, sit or lay in a strange position.

Treatment consists of alternating heat and ice packs, anti-inflammatory pain medication (Motrin, Aleve), and returning to your normal daily activities within 24-48 hours. With low back pain, it is sometimes better to continue with your normal activities but stay within moderation – in other words, don’t do anything that causes extreme pain or discomfort.


You are likely to recover well.

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