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Tracheal Injury

The trachea, or windpipe, is one of the most anterior structures in the neck and thus, very susceptible to injury. It is a semi-rigid structure that can be easily injured by compression due to a direct hit from a blunt object, most often in a vehicle accident or injury from a contact sport. Alternatively, a sharp object can penetrate the neck and pierce the trachea allowing the air you breathe in to leave the windpipe and never make it to your lungs.

Symptoms and Treatment of Tracheal Injury

The symptoms most often noted by someone with a tracheal injury will be difficulty breathing and possibly a choking sensation. Due to the vocal cords also being located in the windpipe, you may notice a change in your voice or hoarseness. With a penetrating injury, air will enter the tissues surrounding the windpipe causing it to appear puffy; this can spread to the upper chest and/or back as well. Other possible symptoms include pain and coughing up blood.

Treatment will consist of surgical repair of the trachea. After surgery, you may require a breathing tube while the trachea heals to ensure swelling does not constrict the airway.

Prognosis and Long-Term Outlook

Mortality from associated injuries in a penetrating injury to the neck can be as high as 50%; this is due to the close proximity of major blood vessels to the trachea. However, for most, people experience a gradual recovery with near complete resolution. The most common ongoing issue is a permanent change in your voice. Less commonly, scar tissue could cause mild restriction of the airway resulting in a condition similar to asthma making it difficult to breathe at times and necessitating ongoing follow-up with your doctor.

Trusted Lawyers You Can Count On

There are many physical, emotional, and monetary challenges that come with recovering from a tracheal injury. A Missouri soft tissue injury lawyer will be able to help you through the difficult legal process. Our attorneys have years of experience in holding negligent parties legally responsible for the injuries they’ve caused. Learn all about your legal rights by scheduling a free consultation with us – call (314) 322-8515 today.

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