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Penetrating Cardiac Trauma

Any trauma that occurs by penetration of the chest cavity can be very devastating and has a high mortality. Numerous structures in the chest are vital organs necessary for life and injury to one of them can be fatal. Within the chest cavity, the heart is located towards the front of the chest and sits just off to the left of the sternum. While the ribs provide some protection, there are many spaces between the ribs where something can penetrate the chest wall and enter directly into the heart.

The most common causes of a penetrating cardiac trauma are gunshot and stabbing wounds. However, in a severe auto accident, any shrapnel from the car or windows that is sharp and longer than a couple inches has the potential of piercing the chest wall and injuring the heart.


When the heart is pierced by a sharp object in an auto accident, there is the potential that the object can become lodged in place, thus preventing the rapid onset of massive bleeding. In this scenario, it is very important for you or anyone other than your doctor not to try to remove the object from the chest wall. You will most likely be in a lot of pain. Other symptoms may include rapid breathing, pale color, and lightheadedness. Some may lose consciousness while waiting for the ambulance to arrive or while in transport to the hospital. If the lung or windpipe was injured during the auto accident you may have difficulty breathing or catching your breath.

If the person has been shot or the object that has penetrated the chest wall and heart has been removed or passed completely through the heart, massive bleeding will ensue. The person will quickly lose consciousness, become pale and exhibit signs of shock – fast heart beat, rapid breathing, and low blood pressure.

Treatment and Prognosis

With a penetrating cardiac trauma from an auto accident, the majority of people die on the scene and never make it to the hospital. Immediate surgery is necessary to save these people. Other necessary life-saving measures may include intubation (a breathing tube) and oxygen, IV fluids, and a blood transfusion.

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