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Blunt Pelvic Trauma

Injury to the bones of the pelvic region can be debilitating and require months of rehabilitation. The most common cause of blunt pelvic trauma is a motor vehicle accident; however, in the elderly, it is more common to occur as the result of a fall – especially in women with weaker bones, or osteoporosis. A strong blunt force directed at the pelvic region or a very forceful compressive force can cause the bones of the pelvis to fracture. Since the pelvic region is very vascular, it is very easy for the fractured bone(s) itself or the injurious force to cause blood vessel damage resulting in massive internal bleeding.

Symptoms and Treatment

Blunt pelvic trauma is a very painful injury that results in a person being unable to walk, balance, or even stand in some cases. The pelvis is what gives your lower body the stability it needs to accomplish these tasks. If bleeding were to occur, the individual can develop signs of shock – including but not limited to a rapid heartbeat, fast and shallow breathing, pale skin, and lightheadedness.

Treatment for this type of injury involves any necessary measures to stabilize your heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing as well as surgery to stabilize the bones to allow appropriate healing. For stabilizing your heart rate and blood pressure a beta blocker, such as metoprolol, may be used. If you are having difficulty breathing a breathing tube may be necessary as well. Once the pelvic fractures have healed, a person may need anywhere from a couple weeks to months of rehabilitative and physical therapy.


An acute pelvic fracture can quickly lead to uncontrollable bleeding and results in death in up to 1/3 of cases. In those that eventually receive surgery to stabilize the pelvis and allow healing, they typically have minimal to no long-term effects.

Compassionate Legal Representation That You Need

Pelvic trauma injuries can occur due to a variety of reckless actions. Recovery hurts emotionally, psychologically and financially. Our St. Louis accident attorneys, will help you recover compensation for damages you’ve suffered by seeking liable parties. We will work to provide quality counsel that you need during this difficult time.

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