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Facial Fractures

Facial fractures are caused by physical trauma to the face in which facial bones of the nose, jaw, eye, or other areas, are fractured. As one of the most sensitive areas of the body, the face is highly susceptible to facial fractures in a wide range of accidents. A facial fracture can result in serious disfigurement, loss of function, and even death if significant blood loss occurs.

Causes and Identifying Symptoms

Although several types of accidents could cause a person to suffer facial fracture, the most common causes of this serious injury are car accidents and blunt trauma to the face. A blunt force to the face can fracture any bone in the face.

Frequently occurring symptoms of facial fractures include the following:

  • Swelling, bruising, deformity
  • Pain
  • Difficulty breathing through the nose if the nasal bone is fractured
  • If the bones that make up the eye socket are broken and displaced, the eye muscles can be pinched and cause an inability to move the eye in a certain direction

Facial Fracture Treatment and Rehabilitation

In many instances of facial fracture, pain mediation and surgical repair are necessary. In addition, suffering a facial fracture, or any injury for that matter, can be emotionally devastating for a person. Most often, fractures of the face will heal with surgery. However, some potential problems noticed in everyday life include difference in facial appearance, as well as nasal congestion or sinus problems if surrounding bones were fractured.

Legal Experience You Can Rely On

Coping with a facial injury presents many physical, emotional, and financial challenges to overcome. Our St. Louis catastrophic personal injury attorneys fight to hold negligent parties accountable for causing your injury. Our lawyers have years of experience building strong cases involving facial fractures, brain injury, and other types of serious injuries. To learn more about your legal rights and options, call our firm today at (314) 322-8515 for a free consultation.

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