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Diffuse Axonal Injury

All traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are serious; however, a diffuse axonal injury is one of the more severe types of TBI in that damage takes place over an extensive area in the brain. Due to the serious degree of head trauma, diffuse axonal injury to the brain typically leads to unconsciousness, continual vegetative state, and coma.

Causes of Diffuse Axonal Injury

The most common cause of a diffuse axonal injury is a motor vehicle accident. The devastating effects of this type of brain injury occur in a vehicle crash because of the rapid deceleration, which can cause acute disruption of many nerve fibers simultaneously throughout the brain resulting in widespread damage.

Symptoms and Treatment

Unfortunately, the most frequently occurring symptoms of a diffuse axonal injury are coma and vegetative state. To help treat patients in this serious of a condition, medical professionals often use the following:

  • Intubation – a breathing tube placed down the throat to breathe for the patient
  • Oxygen
  • IV fluids

Short and Long-Term Prognosis

For a person who suffers a diffuse axonal injury in a car crash, slip and fall accident, or another type of incident, it can take days to months to regain consciousness. However, it is possible that a person will never regain consciousness, and if they ever do, they are typically left with multiple disabilities and a decreased mental capacity.

Some possible ongoing or future issues include:

  • decreased mental capacity;
  • decreased capacity to care for oneself; and
  • persistent motor or sensory problems.

Obtaining Full and Just Compensation

Considering the extensive medical care, treatment, and the life-altering consequences for a patient and their family, often associated with a diffuse axonal injury, it is important that the individual or group of individuals responsible for the accident and injury are held legally responsible. The costs involved with caring for someone with this injury are enormous. Our St. Louis injury lawyers can help your family obtain full and just compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, future care, and any other damages incurred. For a free consultation, call (314) 322-8515 today.

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