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Clavicle Dislocation

The clavicle, or collarbone, is in a somewhat protected position between the sternum (or chest bone) and the shoulder. When a strong force is applied laterally to the shoulder, the clavicle can become dislocated from the sternum. This commonly occurs in a vehicle accident.

Symptoms of Clavicle Dislocation

Pain, swelling, and bruising between the neck and shoulder are the most common symptoms. Individuals with a clavicle dislocation typically hold the arm in a flexed position across the chest with the head tilted toward the injured side. There may or may not be a large bony lump near the neck, representing the end of the bone that is normally adjacent to the sternum.

If the collar bone dislocates in a posterior direction, it can impinge on the trachea or vocal cords causing difficulty breathing or a hoarse voice. In this situation, it is considered an emergent surgery with prompt relocation indicated followed by surgery if it is not successful.


The treatment of a clavicle dislocation is to reduce or relocate the bone back to its proper location; this is often done in the emergency room with pain medication, such as Valium.

The typical prognosis is a full recovery, but there is a high rate of recurrence.

Taking Legal Action for Your Injuries

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