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Brain Injury Recovery

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can result in serious complications for a victim and while some injuries are relatively mild, many take a long period of time to fully recover from. All traumatic brain injuries require immediate medical treatment to begin recovery and prevent the injuries suffered from worsening and even turning fatal. While some brain trauma simply requires rest to recover, many others cannot be treated without extensive medical procedures and medical care to deal with the effects of an injury.

These medical treatments are commonly very expensive and both emergency and long-term medical treatment can put a victim and his or her family in serious debt. When such injuries are the result of another party’s actions, a victim can seek compensation for their losses and bills from those responsible. Missouri TBI lawyers at Page Law understand that the road to recovery is a long one, but the first step is to understand what treatment you may need.

Initial Treatment of a TBI

After being involved in an accident and diagnosed with a brain injury, a victim will receive emergency medical treatment for whatever injuries have been sustained if necessary. This treatment will seek to stop any life-threatening injuries from worsening and if admitted to the hospital, the patient may be taken to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Treatment in the ICU is focused on achieving medical stability, medical management, and prevent any further medical crises. Surgery and other medical procedures may be necessary at this stage so that the damage does not worsen and any existing conditions such as pressure on the brain are alleviated.

Hospitals have a team of professionals with experience and training in brain injury and will often quickly begin work to not only assess a patient’s condition, but begin recovery as soon as possible through acute rehabilitation. This process will quickly improve a patient’s condition and pinpoint areas that may have suffered more serious damage that requires more extensive brain injury treatment.

Long-Term Brain Injury Rehabilitation

After immediate rehabilitation, if further treatment is needed, the patient is often transferred to another setting, such as a rehabilitation facility. During this treatment, patients will focus on regaining as much independent functioning as possible through natural healing; relearning skills and abilities; and compensating for functions that have been permanently lost or changed. After treatment at a rehabilitation facility, a TBI victim can receive care in a more long-term capacity through programs such as a day treatment program that lets them go home at night, and other outpatient therapy programs. These programs are available for those who did not need hospitalization or need further treatment, which can be brought to their home.

Finally, if a TBI victim advances far enough in their recovery, they may need a community re-entry program that helps them prepare for independent living or work. Independent living programs can also be provided, which are structured according to the individual needs of a brain injury patient. These programs, the services they provide, and the medication that a victim may need can all make recovery and living with a TBI possible for a victim, but can cost much more than a victim and his or her insurance can cover.

Recovering with the Help of a Skilled Attorney

Finding skilled legal representation is incredibly important in the search for compensation and the St. Louis brain injury attorneys at Page Law have years of experience obtaining the compensation clients need for their losses. Suffering a traumatic brain injury not only causes immediate damage to a victim, but can have long-lasting effects on every area of his or her life. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to another party’s negligence, call us today to find out how we may be able to help you at (314) 322-8515.

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