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Meniscus Injury

The menisci are two “pads” located within each knee joint to cushion and minimize wear on the joint. A meniscus injury will most often occur during a sports-related injury or auto accident in which there is a large rotational force applied to the knee when the foot is firmly planted. Most often, the meniscus located on the medial, or inner side of the knee is injured.

Symptoms and Treatment

The symptoms of a meniscus injury include pain, swelling, and a popping sensation at the time of injury. Some individuals may notice that their knee occasionally “locks” in place or gives out on them.

Treatment of a meniscal tear initially will involve immobilizing the knee in a brace with limited weight bearing activity. The doctor may also recommend physical therapy to learn certain exercises that will aid in the healing process. For individuals who have recurrent swelling of the knee, disabling pain that does not improve over time, or recurrent “locking” of the knee should have the joint examined with a small camera and treated surgically.


Most individuals with a meniscal injury will recover without any long-term side effects.

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