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Clavicular Fracture

The clavicle, or collar bone, is a thin long bone located between the shoulder and the sternum. It protects many blood vessels that course immediately underneath the bone. If this bone were to fracture downward, or into the body, there is a chance of serious injury to one or multiple of these blood vessels. Common causes of injury to the clavicle include tractor trailer accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and falls onto the shoulder or an outstretched hand. A direct blow – such as hitting the steering wheel during an auto accident or being struck by a loose flying object in the car during an accident can cause clavicular fractures. An injury will occur when a strong enough force is applied to the outside of the shoulder, perpendicular to the clavicle, or applied directly to the clavicle.

Symptoms of Clavicular Fracture

The most typical symptom experienced with a clavicular fracture is pain. An individual will frequently be seen holding their arm against their body with their elbow bent and lower arm laying across the chest. Additional symptoms can include swelling, bruising, and a raised lump on the collar bone. If the bone is to fracture inward, damaging a blood vessel, rapid blood loss would ensue causing the person to go into shock – rapid heart rate, fast and shallow breathing, pale skin, lightheadedness, and sweaty.

Treatment and Prognosis

The treatment for a clavicular fracture is typically non-surgical with the arm being placed in a sling for an extended period of time. If the bones are not aligned properly to allow adequate healing or if blood vessel damage is suspected, surgery may be necessary. The majority of individuals who experience this type of injury recover.

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