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Legal Representation for Injuries from Manufacturing Defects

There are a number of ways in which product defects may occur. Some products are inherently defective because of their poor design. A manufacturing defect is when an error is made during the assembly or production of a product. It is a flaw that is not in the design, but occurs during the manufacturing process. Victims of manufacturing defects may pursue financial compensation for injuries, damages, and losses caused by the product defect.

Examples of Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect typically involves a limited amount of one particular product. In other words, a machine or human error may result in a short-term manufacturing defect. In such cases, a product sold between specific dates may be recalled while the remaining versions of the product may remain in the marketplace. Examples of manufacturing defects include:

  • Contamination: It is possible for a select number of products to become contaminated. For example, a normally safe food product may have issues with salmonella contaminations because of errors or negligence during the manufacturing process.
  • Cheap materials: Sometimes the company in charge of the assembly of a product is separate from the company that designed the product. In such cases, the manufacturing company may try to cut corners to save money. Products that could be safe instead contain dangerous contaminates such as lead. Children’s products that contain a high level of lead, for example, may be cheap to make but they put children at great risk of serious illness and injury.
  • Poor workmanship: If an employee in a factory is distracted or performs their job poorly, there is the potential for a limited number of items to be assembled badly.
  • Machinery malfunction: If a machine is not working properly a large number of products may be defective. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to have quality control on such products and to make sure that they do not make it into the marketplace.

Product Recalls and Liability Claims in Missouri

A product is often not recalled unless a large number of consumers have filed a report or suffered an injury. To receive financial compensation through a product liability claim, injured victims have to prove that:

  • The product is defective in some way (design, manufacturing, marketing)
  • The victim suffered an injury (financial, physical, emotional)
  • The injury was a direct result of the product defect

A skilled St. Louis personal injury attorney can help a victim who has been injured due to a manufacturing defect receive damages for losses including medical bills, pain and suffering, and time away from work.

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