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Compensation for Defective Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle enthusiasts in Missouri know that while they enjoy the scenic sights of the Show-Me State on their two wheeled vehicles, they are subject to unique hazards that others may not be. Bicyclists may think that motor vehicles on the road may be the biggest threat to riders and one of the major causes of bicycle crashes; however, defective bicycles and bicycle parts can present a significant danger to unsuspecting bicyclists and also lead to accidents and severe injuries. For bicyclists injured as a result of a defective bike or bike part, one can pursue compensation in a product liability claim.

Product liability law empowers consumers to pursue legal action against the negligent manufacturers responsible for the bicycle defect which caused an injury accident. Powerful manufacturers may fiercely fight the claim though, which is why you should seek assistance from an attorney at Page Law. We have the legal knowledge and skills needed to be successful in your claim and prove liability in your case.

What is a Missouri Product Liability Claim?

Product liability is the area of the law in which negligent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are held responsible for the injuries and harm their defective or dangerous products have caused. The goal of product liability law is to protect consumers from dangerous products and enable them to pursue compensation for their losses and injuries. A product liability claim can be complicated to pursue, and knowing if you have a legitimate claim or how to prove fault may be difficult. A product liability claim is typically based on the following:

  • Manufacturing defects, which is when the bicycle or bike part defect resulted from the manufacturing process;
  • Design defects, which is when the defect arose from a mistake or oversight made during the design process; and
  • Marketing misrepresentation or mislabeling, which is an error in the marketing or labeling that prevents a user from recognizing a product defect or from being aware of how to safely use the product.

The state of Missouri allows anyone injured as a result of a defective product five years to file a claim, which is known as the statute of limitations. Determining whether you have basis for a claim and filing your claim in a timely fashion are important first steps in being successful in your case.

Holding Negligent Bike Manufacturers Responsible

When faced with legal action and a potentially costly lawsuit, manufacturers of bicycles will likely try to prove that their negligence was not the cause of the bicycle defect and may argue that improper maintenance led to the hazard. Without the help of a qualified attorney, proving liability in your case and holding careless manufacturers responsible can be very difficult, especially because of the well-funded legal team that may be defending them. Attorneys at Page Law understand what it takes to be successful in a bike accident case and have the resources and skills needed to show that the manufacturer and/or designer is solely responsible for the defect that caused your accident and injuries.

Preserving the Rights of Consumers in Missouri

A bicycle crash can have a serious impact on a person’s life and leave a rider with severe injuries and a challenging road to emotional and physical recovery. In the event that a defective bicycle or bicycle part led to your accident, a St. Louis bicyclist injury attorney can help you get back on the road. By pursuing a product liability claim, you can receive the compensation you need to recuperate and that will also allow you to pay for your accident-related losses, such as medical expenses; pain and suffering; and lost wages. Our legal team is dedicated to upholding the rights of consumers and will work tirelessly to ensure any negligent parties are held responsible for the harm caused. To see how we can help you with your case, call (314) 322-8515.

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