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Hip Replacement Litigation

Stryker Orthopedics, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medical devices, recently recalled two (2) of its hip implant systems because of significant reports of health problems in artificial hip implant recipients.

According to consumer reports and warnings issued by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in response to hundreds of adverse event reports by recipients, Stryker’s product liability lawsuit history actually began in March 2005. That year the United States Dept. of Justice began an investigation into physician kickbacks when it was discovered that hip implant companies, including Stryker, paid huge amounts of money to orthopedic surgeons to market and use their products. Depuy, Zimmer, Biomet and Smith and Nephew were all fined but Stryker was exempted because they voluntarily cooperated with the US Attorney’s office.

Health Risks

Two of the major repercussions and complaints from patients whom these defective devices were implanted in include painful and debilitating revision surgery and metal toxicity, or metallosis, a dangerous form of metal poisoning. Additional injuries and complications sustained by recipients include:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Broken bones
  • Changes to DNA
  • Chromium & cobalt contamination of lymph nodes, spleen, kidneys and liver
  • Decreased lymphocyte & CD8+ T cells (fights pathogens and infection)
  • Fluid accumulation in hip joint
  • Inflammation of tissue
  • Joint dislocation and noise from implant
  • Metal poisoning (metallosis)
  • Necrosis (bone and tissue death)
  • Osteolysis (bone dissolution)

The 2005 investigation launched by the US Dept. of Justice into Stryker physician kickbacks was a potential precursor of prosthesis failure, and despite an eighteen (18) month monitoring period, was followed by recall after recall. Consumers were unaware that the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular Hip System were fast-tracked through the FDA approval process because they were deemed to be similar to a hip device released and approved in 2007. They were not.

Stryker Recall Fact Sheet

Stryker’s recall history began with the release of the Trident implant systems in 2003. This was followed by FDA warnings issued to the company from 2005-2007 before mandating, in January 2008, a nationwide recall of parts manufactured for use in the socket portion of hip replacements. The FDA recalled the products citing reports that Stryker’s manufacturing methods and practices exceeded company standards of contamination residuals. This indicated early failure rates and unfortunately, by April 2012, the recall and safety notice came three (3) years after the devices were already released and used.

  • March 2005 – United States Dept. of Justice lawsuit
  • March and November 2007 – FDA issues first and second warnings. In November, Stryker agreed to pay the United States $16.6 million to settle allegations of false billing to Federal Health Care programs
  • January 2008 – Recall of ceramic Trident Acetabular PSI, Cup and Trident Hemispherical Cups
  • March 2009 – New Jersey Supreme Court rules Stryker hip litigation not designated as a Mass Tort but centralized in Atlantic County for management purpose
  • April 2012 – Urgent Field Safety Notice and recall of Accolade Femoral Stem used in conjunction with the MITCH TRH Modular Head/Acetabular Cup
  • May 2012 – Health Canada Recall. Stryker offer DOJ $33 million to settle 2010 allegations of fraudulent marketing of devices not cleared by FDA
  • July 4, 2012 – Recall of the Rejuvenate Modular Hip System and the ABG II Modular Neck Hip Stems THE CASE FOR NEW JERSEY

The Case for New Jersey

Lawsuits across the nation have been and continue to be filed against Stryker for design defects in dangerous medical devices manufactured for hip replacements. To date, there have been no Stryker settlements. But with Stryker’s most recent recall on July 6, 2012 and mounting litigation, the likelihood for settlement increases, with the New Jersey Supreme Court under the Honorable Carol E. Higbee leading the nation to set case precedent.

You May Have a Legal Claim in Missouri

People who received the Stryker hip implants suffer injuries more severe than the condition that initially led to hip replacement. If you have experienced pain or have had to undergo painful revision surgery after being implanted with a faulty Stryker hip, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. This includes:

  • Medical expenses (doctor’s visits, pain medication, revision surgery)
  • Pain and suffering (sustained physical, emotional and mental)
  • Other compensatory damages (loss of income, home and health care givers)
  • Loss of consortium (damage to spousal relationships)
  • Punitive damages

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