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The appeal of the da Vinci Surgical System has led to increasing amounts of people considering using it for their needed surgeries. The idea of a complex robotic system performing minimally invasive surgery is a bold statement on the progression of technology and medicine. However, numerous risks have begun to be associated with the device.

For those who have been injured by the da Vinci System, the trauma and losses experienced can worsen preexisting conditions and lead to new complications. Like any surgical error, these devastating injuries can deeply affect both personal and professional life through possible disabilities and financial costs.

If you believe you have been harmed by this medical device, it is crucial that you fully understand your legal rights and work to preserve your future without delay. Call Page Law at (314) 322-8515 today to learn more about your rights through a free consultation. With our help, you can make the right choice to protect yourself.

What Dangers are Present?

The da Vinci Surgical System was created to perform surgeries that caused less tissue damage by using less invasive techniques. However, there are still dangers with the device that could cause major injuries that should never be experienced during a medical procedure.

Various incidents have shown that the robotic arms may have an excessive electrical current and insufficient insulation, exposing patients to high amounts of heat that could cause injuries. One of the main methods of da Vinci surgery involves burning away tissue rather than cutting in order to decrease recovery time. However, improper usage may lead to major internal trauma. If any bugs in the system or defects in the structures of the arm exist, with or without the knowledge of operators, unexpected complications can arise in the midst of surgery and lead to injuries.

As these machines have been used in a wide variety of procedures since being created in 1999, there are numerous injuries that have been allegedly suffered due to problems with the system. These include surgical burns, excessive bleeding, peritonitis, punctured organs, bowel damage, and a need for additional surgeries.

Additionally, many have suggested that there are no additional benefits to the system, as successful surgeries still have the same outcome and recovery time as those done directly by a surgeon. However, use of the da Vinci costs far more than traditional surgery.

Inexperienced Surgeons and High Risks

Not all of the dangers associated with da Vinci are due to problems with the device itself, but with the surgeons operating the device. The system requires surgeons to delicately manipulate the four different arms of the machine, which are holding and using various surgical tools. While the system is designed to replicate hand movement and eliminate tremors, it still requires extensive training and experience, with critics of the device stating that there is a steep learning curve.

Like all types of surgery, if medical personnel make a mistake, the consequences could be devastating. Surgeons are used to the nature of hands-on procedures, as such, the lack of tactile feedback could lead to mistakes and result in injuries.

Proving Fault, Finding Compensation in Missouri

For those who have been injured by the da Vinci surgical system, there is hope to find payment for losses and a chance to recover as much as possible. To do so, victims and their legal representation must discover the cause of the injuries. Was it defects present in the device itself or mistakes made by the surgeon operating the robot?

By finding evidence of the accident, proof of the injuries suffered, and testimony concerning the dangers of the device or negligence of the surgeon, fault can be proven. The surgeon, the hospital, and the manufacturers of the device may all have some level of fault and be responsible for paying compensation through their insurance providers.

Recovering from Your Losses

Missouri product defect attorneys at Page Law have years of experience helping those who have been injured by a dangerous products. Call us today at (314) 322-8515 for a free consultation and more information on our history of success. Do not let your life be harmed by the dangerous actions of medical staff and their wrongfully used devices, you have the right to recover to the best of your abilities through fair and full compensation.

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